The 5th season of “Yellowstone” presents the first video with a big promise for fans, and Casey and Jamie look the most excited


After three successful and well-known seasons on the Paramount Network, Yellowstone’s popularity skyrocketed at the beginning of season 4, when viewers made it the most watched cable series in recent years, and the numbers, in fact, corresponded to the best that broadcast television has to offer. Taylor Sheridan’s co-creation hopes to overshadow these already high marks with the upcoming season 5 of Super Size, which finally presented the first look at the dramatic next chapter of the Dutton family saga. And, as you can see from the video above, Yellowstone promises fans that everything will be revealed after the two-hour premiere of the season takes place, even if it’s not immediately obvious what “everything” means in this oath.

Since this video is a textbook example of a TV teaser giving fans just one or two seconds with each of the main characters, let’s take a brief look at how the statement “Everything will be revealed” can affect each of them after the events of the Wild Season 4 finale.

Beth Dutton

The only Yellowstone character to appear twice in the season five teaser, Beth Dutton played by Kelly Reilly remains as important as ever, now that she has largely mended her relationship with her father. The actress herself said that things are going pretty well for Beth in the new season, partly thanks to her renewed power over her lousy brother and sister Jamie, as well as the fact that she married the love of her life. Considering she’s even doing quasi-parenting duties with Rip, Beth is in a pretty good position, especially as far as her family is concerned, and so in the teaser she doesn’t look too concerned when she turns to the camera.

What Beth should worry about, however, is the war plans devised by Jackie Weaver’s Caroline Warner, who has so far presented arguably the most effective threat in Yellowstone, stating that she will replace the Dutton family home with a public toilet (among other things). , sharper comments). Beth handled the stock market situation, of course, not everything was fair, and she is obviously connected to Jamie’s murder of her biological father, and these are just her latest violations. So if all of her skeletons are allowed to leave the closet, expect Beth to enter scorched earth mode by the mid-season finale.

Jamie Dutton

Yellowstone star Wes Bentley’s ability to appear agitated and worried is not well known; I can only recall a few scenes from the series in which Jamie felt completely comfortable and he didn’t have to arch his eyebrows in fear of a drunk and furious Beth. Now, in season five, he has even more blood on his hands to hide from others, and perhaps it belonged to the only person who genuinely sympathized with Jamie. Despite the fact that he now has a child of his own who apparently doesn’t hate him yet, Jamie’s future is a future without a lot of peers.

Not only does he have to worry about someone snooping around Garrett Randall Will Patton, whose body is now uncomfortably resting now outside of Montana, but Jamie is now back under Beth and John’s control, which almost certainly won’t do him any good. So I have to imagine that the face we see in the teaser above will be the face of the resting Bentley until his character finds a way to regain some independence. Oh, and let’s not forget that Beth also has a threat to tell Rip about Jamie’s role in her abortion and sterilization, which can only end with Jamie being dragged across the state behind Rip’s truck.

Casey Dutton

While Jamie is probably most concerned about the question “will I live to see my child grow up?” From the point of view of Luke Grimes, Casey Dutton came out of the Season 4 finale worried about her marriage to Monica, which is most likely heading for a skid. Of course, it’s hard to specifically capture every idea that was laid out during his vision quest — in which guest star Dave Annable secured Lee Dutton’s nightmarish return —but Casey’s thoughts about another woman only helped advance an idea he understands. his marriage may not last long, as Grimes said in a post-final interview. It’s not the biggest shock after a season in which Monica bluntly told Casey she hated him, but still. There’s still Tate to think about.

In this context, Casey is likely to be the one playing along with the idea that “everything will be revealed,” and while we obviously can’t say exactly what his anguished look in the season 5 teaser is about right now, it’s safe. I bet Monica and/or Tate are involved. Because it’s more than just a show of anger and revenge, and it goes back to his thinking in season two when the Beck brothers kidnapped Tate. (A few months ago, Neil McDonough teased that viewers didn’t actually witness Malcolm Beck’s death, and what could be wilder than his return only to kidnap Tate again?)


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