The $50,000 iPhone 13 Pro Max is on sale!


Luxury jewelry brand Caviar is launching the all-gold iPhone 13 Pro Max design. So, what are the prices of this series, which is quite expensive?


On Tuesday, September 14, Apple introduced its new series, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with its event. In addition, the company announced its new iPads and various products at this event.

Jewelry company Caviar has introduced the gold iPhone lineup. Maybe it’s an indescribable status issue for the ultra-rich…

Totally gold iPhone 13 Pro Max price $50 thousand

The smartphone market is growing. In contrast to the high-end models of Xiaomi and Samsung, Apple is launching the best ones. However, users are confused about prices as the variety increases. If you think smartphones aren’t expensive enough, the designers have also produced an all-gold version for you.

How about a $48,800,000 version of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, made of 18-karat gold? Caviar, the luxury jewelery company, prepared the special series called ‘Total Gold’. However, only 99 of this gold iPhone series are available.

The patterns on the models in question are meticulously crafted in an ‘artistic baroque style’. In addition, the designers wrote the model’s information and unique phone serial number on it.

For those with money to spend, the Total Gold series has a variety of storage options. Of course, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most remarkable model of the series. The most affordable one among these completely gold models is 42 thousand 390 dollars. That alone is enough to bring tears to our eyes.

We’ll share it with you as we get news about Apple’s new family of smartphones. By the way, we are waiting for your comments on the gold design of Caviar…


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