The 4400: Remake of The Suspense Series Gains New Teasers; Watch!


The 4400: The CW has just released three trailers for the reboot of the early 2000s series, The 4400. The series tells the story of 4,400 forgotten, devalued or marginalized people who have disappeared without a trace in the last 100 years and come back to Earth all together , without having aged a day—bringing with them special powers. The released teasers feature three characters from the new 4400 version.

New characters from 4400:
The character was abducted in 1956.


the reverend
Still unnamed, the reverend disappeared in 1994.

The character disappeared in 2005 and returns among the 4400.

The teasers feature the visuals of three of the abductees, but reveal very little about the plot of the new 4400 version.

What we already know about the 4400 series

In teasers, one of the abductees asks, “What year is it?” “It’s 2021”, an off-screen character responds. As expected, a lot of confusion and panic ensues.

The new plot, like the original, will have the government working incessantly to analyze the potential threat of the abductees’ return, while the 4,400 themselves must accept the fact that they were returned with some “updates” — and while they don’t remember anything, the greater probability is that they were all brought back for some specific reason.

The original series, created by Scott Peters and René Echevarria, ran for four seasons, from 2004 to 2007. In it, 4400 people who disappeared since 1946 suddenly reappeared in the present — several developing superhuman abilities. The original cast included Joel Gretsch, Jacqueline McKenzie, Patrick Flueger and Mahershala Ali — later awarded two Oscars as a supporting actor in the Moonlight and Green Book films.

The series reboot is led by Ariana Jackson (Riverdale) and Anna Fricke (Walker, Texas Ranger). The new version of 4400 stars Amarr Wooten (American Housewife), Joseph David-Jones (Arrow), Brittany Adebumola (Grand Army), Jaye Ladymore (Chicago PD), Derrick A. King (Call Your Mother), Cory Jeacoma ( Power Book II: Ghost), Khaliah Johnson, TL Thompson, Ireon Roach and Autumn Best.

The new version of the 4400 premieres on October 25th, on The CW, in the United States.<


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