The 3 main characters that are not what many fans expect


The Boys came out at the right time, offering fans a chance to see a less family-based superhero series. adventures and more in complex and brave storytelling.

In a world where superheroes are idolized and run by an incredibly powerful conglomerate called Vought Industries, the show takes a look at superheroes who aren’t all selfless and heroic, but are in fact deeply disturbed, power-mad, and even psychopaths. .

For this list we are going to rank 3 main actors of the show who could have had a better story in the series.

3. Black Noir

Black Noir, which ranks last on this list, is simply a testament to how fantastic the show’s main characters are. A member of the Seven, Black Noir is seen as one of the greatest superheroes in the world, a man of superior strength, stamina, and fighting skills who never speaks or shows his face.

As of the first two seasons of The Boys, Black Noir is arguably one of the most interesting characters on the show, but unfortunately he hasn’t been given the development that he really deserves. Keep your eye on him though: Season 3 could have some big comic book reveals planned that could really push his story forward.

2. A-Train

The Seven are (mostly) terrible people, and A-Train is definitely one of the worst offenders of the bunch. Selfish, arrogant and morally bankrupt, the only thing she has ever worried about is maintaining his status as the fastest man in the world. A-Train is also the one who starts the main thread of the show, killing Hughie Campbell’s girlfriend and putting The Boys after the Seven.

This has led to great moments, the best of which sees him take on newcomer Starlight and hook on Compound V, a drug that creates and enhances the powers of superheroes. He’s twisted and dangerously self-obsessed, and while his arc hasn’t been that far advanced in season two, A-Train is still a great complex character.

1. Mother’s Milk (or Marvin)

Mother’s Milk (or Marvin), despite the ridiculous nickname, is a great character and is probably the true moral center of The Boys. While Hughie is conflicted and indecisive, Butcher is confrontational and loud, and Frenchie is dependable and imaginative, Marvin is always there, reassuring them, keeping everyone focused and working things out.

Unfortunately, out of all his strengths, Mother’s Milk is always a background player, there to add some muscle and lore, but rarely does anything to massively affect the main thrust of the plot. He’s the definition of a supporting character, and while he’s had some great moments, he’s definitely the weakest member of the starting team.


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