The 3 best indies to play in September 2020


Racing arcades, satirical dungeons, apocalyptic builders … School is back with September, but the best indies also return and here we discover them all.

Not only do classes return in September. For video game fans, the ninth page of the calendar represents the return of anticipation for big releases and the return of small indie surprises. Summer has bequeathed us great independent titles, but at a different pace. During the warmer months we have enjoyed the haunting Carrion, the viral Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and the surprising There is No Game: Wrong Dimension, but it is from now on when the calendar is compressed and the cadence of good games increases.

This month’s compilation of new indies shows that there is reason to smile this summer. There are times when that translates into a beautifully retro-graphics arcade racing game, and times when it means diving deep into the roguelike. The eight titles included here, yes, are a guarantee of fun and innovation that will make going back to school, the office and our consoles a little more enjoyable.

Going Under (Aggro Crab)

Going Under’s dungeons are full of enemies, traps, and jokes about startup culture. Aggro Crab’s work satirizes that happy world that would surprise Aldous Huxley himself and in which our dreams are within reach of a freelance quota. In this indie we explore the cursed ruins that have resulted from so many failed tech SMEs, whose employees have turned into monsters. We do it in the shoes of a sad intern who gains visibility and pats on the back, a salary at the level of the best video game journalists.

Set in the city of Neo-Cascadia, our weapons to make our way through such strange dungeons are the materials that populate the office. Here we will attack the white label Jeff Bezos with a mop and dodge the Elon Musk’s stakes on ping pong tables. And above all, we will have fun in a satirical and colorful dystopia that arrives on PC and consoles on September 24.

Blazing Sails (Get Up Games)

With a single glance at Blazing Sails, Sea of ​​Thieves comes to mind. It is not a gratuitous parallel or the umpteenth comparison to the Dark Souls style, since the connection is evident. In the graphic, but also in the playable. Blazing Sails is a pirate game in which you build a crew, embark on a ship to sail the seas and explore islands in search of loot and treasure. At first glance, the resemblance to Rare’s work is even squeaky. But Get Up Games’ work is much more than just a Sea of ​​Thieves carbon copy.

His contribution to the formula lies in a strong battle royale component that has already catapulted him into streaming platforms. The customization possibilities and the frenetic action of its combat – both on land and at sea – make it a game that deserves our attention. We will be very attentive to its evolution as Early Access on Steam, where it docked on September 9.

Hotshot Racing (Sumo Digital and Lucky Mountains)

OutRun, Virtua Racing, SEGA Rally, Crusin ‘USA… There was a time when arcade driving dominated the game. There was no arcade or home console without at least one great racing title. Although sagas like Mario Kart and Forza Horizon have maintained their spirit with different approaches, the truth is that this important genre needed a new great exponent. Aware of this, from Curve Digital and with the Sumo Digital and Lucky Mountains label they delight us with Hotshot Racing.

This indie is pure nostalgia at 200 km / h. Colorful graphics, well-marked polygons, and agile and fun driving. There is no curve without skidding or straight without acceleration in an indie that resurrects split-screen pikes for up to four players – eight online – and that has captivated users and critics. Buckle up, hit it hard, and get ready to relive afternoons at arcade on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.


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