The 25 Best Movies on Hulu Right Now


There are a lot of great programs on the Hulu streaming service — here are the 25 best movies on Hulu right now. In an age of opportunity, less seems more. While Netflix has an ever-expanding library, Hulu offers a more focused collection of great movies. Since volume is not the goal, Hulu manages to create a series of great movies.

This list includes such cult classics as Julia Roberts’ “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and John Hughes’ favorite movie of the 80s “Breakfast Club”, favorite works of art such as the terrifying “The House that Jack Built” and “Black Swan”, as well as pearls of pure entertainment such as “The Devil wears Prada” and “Strippers”. . Hulu makes everything simple and offers something for everyone. Here are the 25 best movies on Hulu right now.

Before we begin, first a disclaimer. Modern streaming libraries are like carousels, they are always moving and constantly changing. The films in this list are released and available on the Hulu streaming service at the time of writing. We’ll be updating this list of the top 25 frequently, so stay tuned for the latest and greatest Hulu deals. Also, the list is not ranked from worst to best, so a lower position does not mean higher quality. It’s just the top 25 movies on Hulu.

The house that Jack built

“The House that Jack Built” is a horror–filled and nauseating suspense, and it is one of the most shocking films directed by Lars von Trier. One of Hulu’s best films polarized critics so much that it was named one of the most extreme and controversial horror films of 2018. Matt Dillon takes on the role of serious villain Jack, a serial killer inspired by Ted Bundy. “The House that Jack Built” follows Jack throughout his bloody fun with relentless brutality. Starring other beloved indie stars such as Uma Thurman and Siobhan Fallon Hogan, the audience is immersed in the thoughts of the killer when he talks about his exploits.


From the catalog of Zack Snyder’s superhero movies, “The Guardians” is one of the best. This selection of Hulu’s best movies is based on the 1986-87 DC comics limited series of the same name. The film features an outstanding cast, including Malin Okerman, Patrick Wilson from “The Spell”, Billy Crudup, Carla Gugino and others. “The Guardians” follows a now partially defunct group of superheroes from 1939 to the beginning of the Cold War. The ending has a huge twist that won’t be spoiled here. Any fan of superhero movies will seriously miss the classics if this movie is not already on the viewing list.

Forget Sarah Marshall

“Forget Sarah Marshall” 2008 is one of the best comedy films on Hulu right now. With a lot of laughter and an even bigger heart, Sarah Marshall follows Peter (Jason Siegel) after his breakup with TV star Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). He goes to Hawaii to forget about his troubles when it turns out that she is there too — with her new boyfriend Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). The cheerful ensemble also includes Mila Kunis from the show of the 70s and many other recognizable faces. Anyone is bound to laugh and cry, as this very interesting film explores the wreckage of a breakup and redemption moving on.

To run

The next movie on the list of the best Hulu movies is the original Hulu Run movie. This psychological thriller is similar to the story of the famous true crime Gypsy Rose Blanchard. The series “Run” starring Sarah Paulson from “American Horror Story” and Kira Allen in the lead roles as Diana and Chloe Sherman respectively tells about the life of a young girl suffering from many diseases in everyday life. She learns that one of the pills her mother gives her only helps with paralysis and that everything is not as it seems. Run is definitely one of the best original Hulu movies that delivers an exciting adventure to you from start to finish.


The real trailblazer on the list is Liam Neeson’s prolific action/thriller “Hostage.” The film, which launched a thousand memes (and robberies), is one of the best, as it demonstrates Neeson’s real talent as an action star. Taken is about a father with a very “special set of skills” whose daughter was taken away while attending a concert in Paris. Brian Mills, played by Neeson, must fight with all his might to get his daughter back from the hands of kidnappers and bring her home. Taken is an exciting adventure from the start, and the movie certainly lives up to the hype surrounding the meme.

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is based on the book and is subsequently told as a grandfather reading a fairy tale to his son. The “story within a story” structure fits well with the narrative, as the grandfather (Peter Falk) treats his son (Ben Savage) to the exploits of Westley (Cary Elvis). Westley must save Buttercup (Robin Wright) from marrying the evil Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon), and he gathers a group of losers who help in his search.