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The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has pushed everything off schedule, including product promotions in the tech industry. Apple also seems to have been affected by this situation. Normally, the company does not pass the months of March empty. If you remember, iPad Pro and MacBook Air models were introduced at the beginning of the pandemic last year. An Apple event was expected in March 2021 as well, but that didn’t happen. Now the expectations are focused on the company will hold an event in April, which includes a product announcement. However, there has not been an official statement about this so far.

Although last year was a tough year, Apple introduced and launched some groundbreaking devices in 2020, including the iPhone 12 series with 5G support, the updated Apple Watch and the Apple-designed M1 chip-powered Macs. In 2021, which celebrates its 45th anniversary, Apple is expected to launch products such as the iPad Pro with mini LEDs, the long-awaited AirTags and the exciting iPhone 13. We are also expecting renewals for other products such as iMac, iPad mini and Apple TV.

We may encounter a new wave of Apple products at any time, there is no fixed date for an expected virtual event. There were rumors about an event that could take place on April 6, but if an event has not been announced in such a short time, we should not expect an event on that date from now on. However, Apple may prefer to announce its new products via press releases, as we have seen examples before. If this is the case, we could indeed meet the first new Apple products of 2021 on April 6 or the days that follow.

Anyway; Before Apple officially announces its 2021 devices, let’s take a quick look at what new Apple devices have expectations for in the near future.

IPad Pro with mini-LED display

Some visual and internal upgrades are highly possible in the iPad mini. However, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is expected to be the first Apple device to support the Mini-LED display. According to the latest rumors, the new iPad Pro will make some radical changes to the iPad lineup after a long time.

In addition to the mini-LED display, the new iPad Pro series may have more precise brightness level, 5G and of course better battery performance. A more powerful processor is also expected, and it is even said that this processor will compete with the Apple-produced M1 chip on the performance side.

AirPods 3

AirPods Max, which was released towards the end of last year, is not a product that every Apple fan can have. The high-priced model may not be a new variant this year, but new versions are on the way in 2021 for AirPods and AirPods Pro, which were released earlier and offered at slightly more accessible price points. AirPods 3 can now have an in-ear headphone design that fits snugly in the ear canal. In addition to its resized body, it can include Active Noise Cancellation and a “pressure relief” vent among other features.

The new version of the AirPods Pro in the higher class is also expected to be released this spring. Rumors point that full wireless headphones may have a slightly lower price tag despite the enhanced functionality. As with the AirPods 3, the upcoming Pro model will likely have a compact form factor with its built-in on-chip system set, and hardware components will be placed close enough to each other to allow for smaller size. The headphones will come with Apple’s W2 wireless chip, improved battery and sound quality for better connectivity.

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AirTags tracking device

Apple has been working on an item tracking device for a long time. The news about this has been spoken for several years. The product, which is expected to bear the name AirTags, was expected to be announced in March. However, this did not happen. Still, AirTags are expected in the upcoming first Apple product launch wave. AirTags are said to be different from Bluetooth-based monitoring tools as they will use ultra-broadband (UWB) technology, which provides more accurate tracking and monitoring.

You will be able to attach coin-sized (32mm x 32mm x 6mm) AirTags to your belongings such as key rings or wallets. According to the details discovered in the source code of iOS, the user will be able to track and locate a lost item with the help of AirTag, which is attached to it. The device will rival Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag Plus, released earlier this year.

Next generation MacBook Pro

Unlike the products mentioned above, we may not see the next generation MacBook Pro in the product launches or promotions in the spring. However, new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models with a Mini-LED display are expected. These seem likely to be announced at Apple’s event in September.

With its flat-sided design and MagSafe charging support, the new MacBook Pro will be significantly farther away from its predecessor models. It is also believed that the 2021 model MacBook Pro will have an SD card reader and an HDMI port.

iPhone 13

Apple plans to join the foldable phone manufacturers. However, this is unlikely to happen in 2021. Planned to be released in the second half of 2021, the iPhone 13 series will be the smartphones expected from Apple in 2021. Expectations for the iPhone 13 series include the inclusion of Touch ID in the AMOLED display, a higher (at least 120Hz) refresh rate, and a reduced notch display.

With the iPhone 12 series, the design was renewed and was generally appreciated by users. For this reason, not much change is expected in the design area in 2021 models. Still, all models in the iPhone 13 lineup may have larger camera sensors with support for sensor shift stabilization, which is currently exclusive to the best-in-class iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple removed the power adapter from the device packaging last year. It is claimed that the company is also considering the idea of ​​releasing iPhones that can only be charged wirelessly this year. If decided based on these evaluations, iPhone 13 series phones may not have a charging port, in other words a Lightning port.

General evaluations of Apple products expected in 2021 are as above. As always, news, analysis and reviews about new Apple products will be featured on Technoblog.


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