The 20 Best Bob’s Burgers Episodes of All Time


Bob’s Burgers premiered back in 2011, and he was considered a dark horse in more successful Fox shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy. However, for nine seasons, Bob’s Burgers has become one of the most popular, funny and attractive programs on the network.

You can easily draw a parallel between the quiet success of Bob’s Burgers and King of the Hill (not too far off, considering that King of the Hill veteran Jim Douteriv helped develop Bob’s Burgers with Lauren Bouchard), but the show really stands still. its advantages: non-standard humor, touching moments and, of course, brilliant musical numbers.

Updated by Sean S. Lealos on July 28, 2022:¬†Bob’s Burgers has brought its unique comedy to the big screen. Although the film didn’t make much money, grossing only $33 million at the box office worldwide, the film was still a hit with an 87% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an even higher 89% audience rating. This should interest some fans who have not yet been too carried away by the successful Fox animated series, which currently has episodes from 12 seasons. Of the 238 episodes, there are some amazing ones that can be a great start to getting to know Bob and his eccentric family better.

“Glued, where’s my Bob?” (C6, E19)

“Glued Where is My Bob” was the finale of the sixth season, and in it Bob finds himself in a difficult situation when his children’s war leads to a prank that forces him to act. A journalist comes to a restaurant to write a profile about him, and the city must take part so that the drawing does not sink the restaurant.

As the season finale, the series did a lot to cram every citizen who appeared in the series into the episode, which made many fans think that this could be the series finale. This really plays into the main theme of the show, and it’s that Bob finally gets something good only to see it destroyed in the worst possible way. However, in the end, Bob gets his lucky moment, and it helps elevate him to greatness.

“Oder Games” (S5, E21)

“Oder’s Games” became the finale of the fifth season. In this episode, Bob learns that he may face a rent increase and convinces the other tenants to go to the landlord and give it up. However, when the landlord Mr. Fishorder offers a water balloon battle to one tenant so that his rent will be halved and the rest will get a raise, every man is for himself.

This episode was great: friends and neighbors turned to each other for reasons of self-preservation, which led to one of the most ridiculous competitions imaginable. The episode works so well because it has great jokes that really reveal the relationship between all the characters.

“Trap House” (S5, E19)

The episode “Trap House” was a fifth-season episode in which Bob and his family got stuck in a beach house during a severe storm. However, the real problem is not the storm, but the mysterious owner of the house, whom Louise and Linda begin to suspect that he may be the killer.

Firstly, this is a rare episode taking place outside of a restaurant, and most of them are either very good or incredibly bizarre. The whole atmosphere is surreal, most of the tension is connected with conspiracies, and jokes hit hard. There’s even a chance that Bob and his family are actually right.

“Guys 4 Now” (S3, E21)

As the name suggests, “Boyz 4 Now” is an episode of Bob’s Burger about a popular boy band, which, of course, completely delighted Tina and Louise. Knowing these girls, they can’t just enjoy the show – they have to get on the bus and create problems there.

This is also the beginning of Boyz 4 Now’s journey, as they appear in a few more episodes after that, becoming a regular gag in Bob’s Burgers. The whole focus on Louise and her lover is brilliantly played out with some very funny moments, and there’s even a great plot about Gene competing in an event at the table.

“Taking Funtime One Two Three” (S9, E2)

“The Take of Funtime One Two Three” is an episode of the ninth season, framed in the form of a story about a robbery. While the Belcher family has always proved that they can succeed in intrigue, this episode has become complete¬†Ocean’s Eleven friends, where Louise was in the lead.

It had everything a fan could wish for, from creating an initial plan to assembling a team and twisting the actual plan. In the story, Louise learns that slot machines fail when they give out too many tickets, games are rigged to win only with a certain force, and much more. Soon, Louise teams up with Mr. Fishoder to win the Funtime arcade and win a dune buggy. It was the perfect combination of Bob’s Burgers characters and genre storytelling, unparalleled in other animated series.


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