The 1987 Predator has the scariest moment of the franchise (and Prey can use it)


The original “Predator” has the scariest moment in the entire franchise, and the upcoming “Predator” will be able to reproduce it. The action of the film “Prey” takes place in 1719, when a young Comanche woman named Naru (Amber Midtander) rises to the defense of her people when an invisible Predator hunts him. Prey marketing presents the film as a return to the exciting, disturbing tone of the original “Predator”, culminating in a moment of truly chilling horror.

In “Predator” after Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Mortally wounded a Predator under a falling log trap, the alien hunter activates a self-destruct device on his wrist. When Dutch starts counting down the time to the explosion that unfolds, the Predator lets out a maniacal villainous laugh. Although Dutch manages to escape to safety before the bomb explodes, the Predator’s almost supervillain—style laugh is the film’s scariest moment.

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Prey, with its obvious chilling tone and return to the fear of the unknown that the Predator embodies, may bring its own reckoning at this moment. As Prey unfolds hundreds of years before modern technology, there is little Naru and her people can do to help understand the nature of their Predator enemy in context. Adding the Predator villain’s laugh to the Prey, whether in the middle of the hunt or near the end of the movie, can really enhance the horror factor in this scenario.

The Predator franchise, which is a mixture of science fiction, action and horror, has caused great concern throughout its existence. The “Predators” of 2010 coped with the task best of all, equaling the horror of the Predator, transferring the hunt to another planet used by Predators as a hunting reserve, as well as introducing even more formidable Super Predators. However, the terrifying Predator laugh at the end of “Predator” remains the peak moment of the franchise’s true horror, and Prey has the perfect setting and plot framework to capitalize on itself.

Before the release of Predator 2 in 1997 with government agent Peter Keyes (Gary Busey), even modern people had been trying for years to determine what a Predator was and where it came from, and there were numerous legends about it that arose in different cultures. The fact that Predators always seem to be one step ahead of the people they hunt is part of what makes the ending of “Predator” so scary. The predator, in his opinion, literally laughs the last at the person who thinks that he won, and Dutch survived after the bomb explosion.

As Prey moves the Predator franchise back into a setting similar to the one in the original, the film has to do something really different, set centuries ago when a Predator hunts a Comanche tribe. With such tools at hand and even hiding the Predator in the Prey trailer, it can be assumed that the new film may well turn out to be the most frankly scary Predator movie since the original 1987. Using the Predator’s disturbing, villainous giggle can only add to the Predator’s horror score a lot more.