The 18 best dramas you can watch on Netflix


Netflix’s catalog includes many incredible K-Dramas, find out which ones are the most interesting and plan an afternoon of fun.

The way of watching Korean dramas changes from time to time, now Netflix is ​​one of the most popular platforms to watch these series and, although it is not a site specialized in Asian productions, it does host stories of doramas that are wonderful and surely you will love them.

However, it is likely that you have entered this site looking for something new to see and you have lost yourself among so many alternatives because you do not know which is the best option to see.

Although genres are broken in tastes, there are some K-Dramas that due to their narratives and characters have become some of the most popular, therefore, below we recommend some of the best series that you can find on Netflix.

You will find productions of different genres and in different formats, so the number of episodes may also vary from one to another.


The Heirs

Let’s start with a very famous story that has a star-studded cast. The Heirs tells the story of Eung Sang, a low-class girl who travels to Los Angeles with the hope of starting a new life, but nothing is what she imagines and she must return to Korea, where she will meet the boy who lives her. it helped while abroad.

Because It’s My First Love

This drama revolves around Tae Oh, a college boy who lives comfortably and separated from his family. When this boy’s friends face a difficult situation they turn to him for help and begin to all live under the same roof, which will test their friendship and reveal their true feelings.



It is an adaptation of the American series of the same name, where a prestigious lawyer hires Yeon Woo, who has an amazing memory. The problem is that Yeon Woo does not have a title to support his knowledge.


A series set in the Joseon era where a strange disease begins to affect the kingdom until it becomes a zombie scene. The crown prince will have to fight to survive and discover the origin of this disease.

Crash Landing On You

Yoon Se Ri is a successful businesswoman with a terrible family relationship who one day travels by paraglider and accidentally lands in North Korea, where she tries to hide her identity with the help of a group of soldiers, who will find a way to send her back home. .


Hello my twenties

This K-Drama tells the story of a group of college girls who live in the same house. Each one’s personality is very different, so they may face misunderstandings, but little by little they will discover the true value of friendship.

The K2

Kim Je Ha stopped being a soldier when he was betrayed by his team, the path he takes leads him to become a bodyguard who will start working for a family of politicians, but in addition to witnessing the power and ambition of these people, He will try to help Ahn Ha, the daughter they are trying to keep hidden.

Romance is a Bonus Book

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Eun Ho and Da Yi have been friends since they were very young, and although he is in love with her, he hides his feelings so as not to affect their friendship. Years later, Dan Yi’s life is turned upside down and he lies on his resume in order to get a job at the publishing house where Eun Ho works, but this couple’s feelings could change because of it.




Chal Da Gun is determined to discover the events behind the death of his nephew, for this he will have the company and help of Go Hae Ri, but along the way they will discover that even the government is involved in what happened.


The Abyss ball has the ability to revive the dead, however, it does not return them to the world of the living in the same way, now people will look according to their way of being, so good people will have a beautiful appearance and those with bad feelings will have no appeal.

Tomorrow With You

So Joon is a man who possesses surprising ability, he can travel in time while using the subway and thanks to them he has managed to obtain a great fortune and become the CEO of a company. The drama will lead him to meet Ma Ri, a girl with whom he shares a special destiny.

Memories of The Alhambra

It tells the story of a surprising augmented reality game, when an investor travels to meet the creator, he realizes that he is now missing and will try to solve the mystery behind this event.

Arthdal ​​Chronicles

The drama takes us to know Aseudal, a mythical land where society is still under construction, that is why the tribes frequently clash for power and survival.


An angel of death comes to earth and takes over the body of a detective, when he meets Ha Ram, who possesses a habi

Supernatural beings will join forces to save others, but love for each other could become an obstacle.

When the Camellia Blooms

Dong Baek is a single mother who lives far from the city. She owns a bar and is frequently judged by the locals, but love will knock on her door and change the way she perceives others.

Hospital Playlist

Five doctors who have been friends since college meet again when they all start working at the same hospital, together they will show how important friendship is in adult life while balancing work with fun.

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Kang Tae is a nurse who lives dedicated to his work and the care of his older brother. Kang Tae’s brother’s favorite writer is Moon Young, but when the three of them meet they discover that they share a tragic past.


Itaewon Class

Sae Ro Yi has had a difficult life, she lost her father and paid a punishment unfairly, however, the grudge she holds within her is the force that motivates her to work hard and create her own food business.

Every fan of K-Dramas wants to keep up with the best productions, that’s why we tell you which are the best series of the decade.


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