The 15 Most Powerful Versions of Captain Marvel from the Comics


The Marvels promise to bring together Carol Danvers, Monica Rambo and Kamala Khan, also known as Miss Marvel. All three women served as Marvel captains in the comics in the main comic continuity, as well as in the larger multiverse, promising a space team in the upcoming film. In the comics, there are even more powerful versions of Captain Marvel that may appear in the movie.

Some come from alternate comic book universes, including the one where the Wasp was Captain Marvel. Others have taken on the mantle created by Mar-Vell, the original Marvel universe character, creating a dynastic continuity that can manifest in live action. Marvels probably also introduces some of these key characters as it potentially explores the wider MCU universe.

Updated by Darby Harn on June 11, 2022: Miss Marvel introduces Kamala Khan to the MCU and creates her Captain Marvel fandom. Kamala not only takes the original nickname of Carol Danvers Miss Marvel, but also in one alternate reality becomes Captain Marvel. The new MCU series changes the origin of Miss Marvel to a more cosmic one, hinting at an even stronger connection between Kamala and Carol. This version can also serve to create links to other powerful Captain Marvel variants from the comics, such as Moonstone and Binary.

Janet Van Dyne (Age of Ultron)

Over the years, several men and women have held the title of Captain Marvel in comics. Janet Van Dyne is among the most powerful, combining her ability to shrink to microscopic size with pure cosmic power.

The Wasp becomes Captain Marvel in the dystopian alternate future of the Age of Ultron storyline, in which Ultron takes over the world. Fans will never know where Janet really comes from thanks to her title or her power, and she is among the many Avengers killed in this story, destroyed along with most of New York as a result of a nuclear explosion staged by supervillain Morgan le Fay.

Rick Jones

Rick Jones becomes Captain Marvel in Earth-1610, the Ultimate Comics universe. His abilities stem mainly from the Kree battle suit he inherited, which gives him the ability to fly in outer space, as well as teleport to vast cosmic distances.

Comic book fans know that Nova is Richard Ryder on Earth—616, but on Earth-1610 Jones acts as both. This iteration of the character potentially creates a template for the MCU, as Nova is rumored to be in the development of a movie or TV series.


Moonstone assumed the identity of Miss Marvel from Carol Danvers during the Dark Reign era when Norman Osborn took over the Avengers. Karla Sofen draws her powers from the gravity stones of the Kree, which gives her control over gravity, as well as superhuman strength, speed and agility.

Moonstone was a member of the Thunderbolts, and given the rumors about the team’s appearance in the MCU and its ties to Captain Marvel, she could be the villain actress Zava Ashton, who plays in “Miracles”.

The scoundrel

Rogue goes with an asterisk, as she has never officially been Miss Marvel or Captain Marvel. However, this powerful member of the X-Men Rogue acquired her strength, invulnerability, and ability to fly from Carol, which essentially made her a version of the iconic future Captain Marvel.

In a violent encounter in Marvel Super-Heroes #11, Rogue attacks Carol and absorbs all of her powers and memories. The two have had an uneasy relationship over the years, which the MCU is probably exploring in some way.


Mar-Vell was the first version of Captain Marvel co-created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan in Marvel Super-Heroes #12. Mar-Vell possessed superhuman strength, agility and endurance due to his Kree physiology.

He gained even more strength after the experiments of the Kree Imperial Minister. He gained the ability to fly, shoot energy beams and teleport over vast distances. This Kree warrior marked the beginning of the comic book space legacy, which continues to this day.

Mar Vel

Another version of Captain Marvel hails from Earth-1610, an alternate universe of Ultimate Comics that began in the early 2000s. In this version, Mar-Vell became Mar-Vell, being able to switch between Kree and human forms thanks to advanced cybernetics.

He shares powers with most versions of Captain Marvel, including the ability to generate energy blasts and shields. His Kree battle suit also allows him to create a Totalcannon, a powerful energy weapon.

William Mar-Vell

William Mar-Vell appeared as a product of the Marvel and DC crossover of the mid-90s Amalgam Comics, who collided together as characters from both companies. This character combines the powers of Mar-Vell and Shazam, which makes them not only cosmic, but also magical.

Comic book fans know that the original Captain Marvel is a character now known as Shazam. Fawcett’s comic book creation became DC’s property after several legal battles in the 1950s.