The 11th Brightest Star Betelgeuse Goes Dull


Betelgeuse, one of the known stars of the sky, faded in the past year. The fact that the star, which is known to show variable brightness, is still being dimmed, worried astronomers.

When we look into space at night, we see that many stars shine and some of them wink at us. Although they are not clear due to the light pollution of the cities, especially in rural areas, these stars make the scenery of the night another beautiful.

The star Betelgeuse, which is 642.5 light years away from the world, is known for being the 11th brightest star you can see in pitch darkness. Astronomers’ observations are somewhat surprising and sad. The big star is getting fainter as the months go by.

Betelgeuse, whose brightness is known to be brighter or fainter from period to period, continues to fade although it exceeds the size of 1.56. For astronomers who have been watching the star for decades, this deflation is unexpected.

The European Southern Observatory, home to the largest telescope in the world, and its own, has released new and sad images that show the star’s change throughout 2019.

The biggest question in mind is whether Betelgeuse will explode as a supernova. Astronomers who are experts in their fields cannot provide any other information since this will happen in the next 100,000 years.

Since the star is so far away from us, it is stated that the reduction in brightness we have seen now occurred centuries ago, but these rays have reached the Earth now.

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Betelgeuse fell to the 24th brightest star ranking, with its brightness decreasing by 38% in recent months.


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