The 10th season of the Blacklist begins with a major turn of the 1st season


The future of the Blacklist looks very different after the finale of the 9th season said goodbye to two regulars of the series, but now it turns out that the 10th season will go into the past … sort of. The new season will begin with a return to the first season and the death of Mira Malik, played by Parminder Nagra. The long-running drama has found a creative way to do this.

According to TVLine, the 10th season of The Blacklist will feature Mira Malik’s daughter named Siya Malik. Siya is an MI6 intelligence officer who will reportedly come to what’s left of the task force after the loss of Aram and Pak. She has to find answers to questions about her mom’s death… and the work that led to it.

The character hasn’t been chosen yet, but it’s probably safe to say that Season 10 will include scenes from Season 1 featuring Parminder Nagra (also known for the films “Play Like Beckham” and “Ambulance”) to refresh the memory of fans who may not they remember all the details about the World. life and death. It would be nice to see Nagra again in season 10 through some fresh memories that bring the actress back, but for now we can only guess.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait much longer for the return of The Blacklist than many other popular NBC shows that will return before the end of the year in the 2022 television schedule. The network is holding the 10th season of the Blacklist until the middle of the season, which means the premiere in early 2023.

This won’t be the first season; Season 6 premiered in January 2019. All other seasons premiered in September, October or November. Yes, season 10 has not yet received an official premiere date, but it will probably be quite early in the new year. NBC’s programming for The Blacklist and other popular shows was hampered earlier this year due to the 2022 Winter Olympics, and the Olympics won’t matter in the middle of the 2023 season.

The appearance of Mira Malik’s daughter in the 10th season can be an emotional blow for the characters, since the “Blacklist” managed to retain several of its stars from the very beginning. Although Liz Keen Megan Boone was killed off, and there is no guarantee that Amir Arison will play his role of Aram again, despite his comments when he left, James Spader (Red), Diego Klattenhoff (Ressler), Harry Lennix (Cooper) and Hisham Taufiq. (Dembe) have been around since the first season.

There is a lot of time for reflection, but hopefully the identity of the one who will play this Malik will be revealed before January next year. In the meantime, you can review the first season of The Blacklist with Parminder Nagra as Mira with a Netflix subscription. The first eight seasons are streaming on Netflix, and now you can find the latest episodes of Season 9 with a Peacock subscription.


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