The 100: They are the 10 curiosities that most impacted fans before its end


Following the airing of its final episode on September 30, 2020, The CW’s youth series The 100 is internationally known to millions of fans of the sci-fi genre around the world for bringing seven seasons of an innovative story to the screen. , with interesting (and sometimes highly controversial) characters, unexpected dramatic twists, and daring narrative risk-taking that have polarized his audience. Although it was just over a year after its closure, its anecdotes and curiosities still generate interest in the public.

1. The departure of Alycia Debnam-Carey

Every fan of The 100 knows very well that the death of Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) was the most controversial of the entire series, since her character was one of the most interesting on the show and because in the opinion of the public she died in a way very unworthy for the arc that had been developing. Lexa died at the highest point in her story, The explanation that was given at that time to the fans is that it was necessary since she had to be incorporated with much more presence in the second season of the Fear the Walking Dead series.

2. The controversial firing of Steve Talley

Actor Steve Talley in the role of Kyle Wick was beginning to take center stage in season two of The 100 as Raven’s (Lindsey Morgan) love interest, but had to be fired after fans of the show discovered and claimed posts. with racist comments by the actor on his account on the social network Twitter, in which an apparent joke about his pseudo-KKK membership was even read.

3. They created a fictional language

Like other famous productions, such as Game of Throne and The Witcher among many others, The 100 took care of even the smallest detail using the talent of its creator, the American writer and artist David J. Peterson, who did the same by building a complete fictional language to be used in the series, known as Trigedasleng (“language of the forest”) or Trig, descended from a cryptolect of American English spoken by the people of the Grounders.

4. Eliza Taylor didn’t have to audition

When the producers of The 100 were in the middle of choosing the casting for the main roles, they came across a videotape that the Australian actress Eliza Taylor had made for a different project several months before, just by seeing it they immediately decided summon her to comply with the protocol of doing the face-to-face reading of the script even though they had already decided that she would play Clarke Griffin.

5. John Murphy and Niylah are brothers

Canadian actor Richard Harmon, as the hated and then loved John Murphy in the series, turned out to be the six-year-younger brother of actress Jessica Harmon in real life and appears in the series with the character of Niylah, who for a time was became the romantic interest of Clarke and later her friend in the

latest installments of The 100.

6. The actors are much older

As you may recall, although The 100 is a loose adaptation of a series of novels by Kass Morgan in terms of plot, its characters are the same. In the books Clark is assumed to be 18 but actress Eliza Taylor was 26 when she was cast in the role. Bellamy must have been 23 at the beginning of the series, but Bob

Morley was 31, while Marie Avgeropoulos was 28 when she played Octavia who was 14 years old in the book.

7. Eliza Taylor almost went blind in one eye

The 100 was characterized by presenting many action sequences during the 7 seasons that it aired on screen, in which, as is customary in productions of this type, doubles were used. Curiously, it was precisely during the pilot episode when Eliza Taylor began to play Clarke, that the actress was dangerously wounded in the eye by a spear that was manipulated in one scene by the actress Marie Avgeropoulos, who played Octavia Blake.

8. The 100 almost ended much earlier

While it is true that it was very sad for fans of The 100 to have to say goodbye, subsequent statements by its creator Jason Rothenberg revealed that this bitter moment may have happened much earlier than everyone thought. Specifically, it could have happened in season 5. Although the end of that installment opened the doors for season 6, when its protagonists had to evacuate Earth once more, ironically the possibility that the exodus of the planet would be so definitive that would end everything.

9. Romance of Richard Harmon and Rhiannon Fish

The artists Richard Harmon and Rhiannon Fish, with the roles of Murphy and Ontari in The 100, have starred to this day in a happy anecdote worth telling. On screen, this couple tragically ended after Ontari ended up brain dead, while Murphy ends the story arc of him in love with another.

character. Fish joined the cast in 2016 for seven episodes before her character was killed, more than enough to meet and fall in love with Harmon. The couple made their relationship public during the Monte Carlo Television Festival in 2019.

10. Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley’s happy ending

The main protagonists Eliza Taylor and Bob Morly also known as Bellarke as they have been affectionately named by fans joining the names of their characters in The 100, Clarke and Bellamy, far from the sad arc they had together in the last season, far from the set the The actress decided to marry him in real life in 2019. Although Taylor and Morley were very private about their relationship, it became known that their friendship dates back to long before the show.