The 100: The sad death of John Murphy with Emori and what really happened


Since the first season of The 100 on The CW television network, John Murphy (played by Richard Harmon) has been cheating death on several occasions. But, finally, the angel of death found him in the final episode of the program, in a scene that continues to talk about what really happened to him.

During the first season of The 100, John Murphy was to be hanged by his fellow Delinquents after being falsely accused of murdering Well Jaha (Eli Goore). Making it the first time he has cheated death. Then, at the end of the fifth installment, he also managed to survive several shots during the battle against Paxton McCreary (William Miller).

But, before he was shot on the fifth season of The 100, he was beaten and tortured in almost every installment of the show. In fact, he had a particularly harrowing near-death experience in part six, when he was poisoned by toxic algae on Sanctum, but was brought back to life. Although his return was somewhat strange as he began to glimpse what he believed to be Hell.

From this moment John Murphy and his girlfriend Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira) began to feel seduced by the idea of ​​becoming immortal by uploading their consciousness in Mind Drive. However, it was these same cybernetic implants that gave him immortality and disappearance. Murphy made the decision, after Emori was mortally wounded in the penultimate episode of The 100.

John Murphy had been devastated with what happened to Emori, who did not react. Which is why he used her Mind Drive so he could transfer her own consciousness into her head, only to spend a few more hours with her despite knowing the process would kill him. In a scene that fans defined as romantic but suicidal.

In the final episode of The 100 series, John Murphy lay dying, while he and Emori managed to reunite in his Mindspace, which took the form of a bedroom with an incredible view of the sand dunes of the Death Zone. Place where they had met for the first time in the second season.

But what surprised fans the most about that parting scene in Mindspace was when the alien known as the judge allowed them transcendence. After considering them that his humanity was worth saving and joining his immortal hive mind. However, moments later it is revealed to us that John Murphy, Emori and the other characters rejected the offer to ascend, to return to earth and die as humans.