The 100: The Decision Behind the Dystopian TV Series


The most recent season of The 100 ended in early October on The CW, the 16 most recent episodes of the sci-fi show have hit Netflix in the US, and fans are expecting it to be spread across the rest of the regions.

Even with all these good expectations the show will not return for season 8, which means that the new episodes on Netflix are the last episodes of the hit CW show. In fact, The 100 was canceled in August 2019, when it was announced that the show would end after its 100th episode.

According to an interview with the show’s creator Jason Rothenberg, he and its writers had planned to end the show after season 7 for the past several years.

“We started imagining the ending around season five. There we started imagining an ending with season seven.

While there won’t be a season 8 of The 100 on Netflix or The CW, this may not be the last time we see the world of the show.

The 100 Season 7, Episode 8, titled “Anaconda”, acted not only as a flashback episode, but also as a pilot for a new prequel that could soon be coming to “The CW, HBO Max, or Netflix.”

“What I can say is that it is going to happen. Then we will see which is the best choice.”

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