The 100: Confirmation of what we suspected about the launch of season 8


When The 100 broadcast its last episode on The CW network in September 2020, the panorama that its fans envisioned was hopeful. While it is true that its last chapter, albeit divisive, made a closing that met many of its audience’s expectations, the popularity of the series was such that it was evident that a spin-off as an eighth season could be an idea. very profitable for its producers, however the passage of time changed everything.

Regarding the revival of The 100, one of the elements that was raised is that it would not come as the sequel to the story of its famous main characters who were left alive at the end of the program such as Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon and Luisa D’Oliveira, among others. In reality, the rumors about his return to the screen after its closure was an open secret since 2019 and became forceful with the broadcast of episode eight of its seventh and last official season, entitled Anaconda.

Since it debuted in March 2014 and with the passing of its seasons, it was clear that The 100 built an entire universe enriched with many stories whose plot lines made room for their own derivatives. Especially at the end with the appearance of Anaconda, which for a large part of its fans was the signal that marked the beginning of endless new creative possibilities with a whole cast of interesting characters that could easily star in their own narrative arc apart from the series. original.

As you may recall, The 100’s Anaconda episode took us back to the days of the Second Dawn and far surpassed any belief that it was a way for the show to answer burning questions about The Anomaly. It served as the gateway to connect the blank spots that the show was dragging about the last years of earth as we know it and the creation of the different civilizations, such as the Grounders, who survived the nuclear apocalypse on the planet while the rest he lived for almost a full century in space inhabiting The Ark.

The key characters of that important episode and who could easily have carried on their shoulders the development of a spin-off set 97 years before the original series, were led by Callie Cadogan (played by Iola Evans), the rebellious daughter of Shepherd Bill. , following up with Bill (John Pyper-Ferguson), Reese and Callie’s mother Grace (Crystal Balint), Trikru member and “Nightblood” named August (Leo Howard), and faithful disciple Tristan (Craig Arnold).

Although The 100 has relatively little time to finish and it was certain for several months that a prequel would be made, which would satisfy the desire of its fans to see more of the dystopian universe created by Jason Rothenberg inspired in part by the novels of Kass Morgan, it is not entirely clear why the project was shelved. The rumors about some conflicts between the chain and the creators due to delays in the chronology of its production, added to the fact that its future protagonists had undertaken other projects due to the wait and the lack of insistence to materialize the conversations between The CW and HBO Max, they ruined any plan, at least in the short and medium term.