The 100 7th season: find out when the last episode will air


The end of Bellamy and Clarke’s journey is coming. The series finale of The 100, which will take place in the 16th episode of the 7th season, already has a date to be shown.

Series showrunner Jason Rothenberg confirmed on his Twitter profile an official date for the series to end: September 30.

The unofficial profile @ TheCWThe100 announced the date by sharing two posters – one from the first season and one from the last – with the following description:

“It’s official, The 100 comes to an epic conclusion and will end its 7th season with 100 episodes on Wednesday, September 30, at The CW!”

The message was retweeted by Rothenberg, confirming that there will be no more hiatus in the final episodes of the series, when it returns to air on September 9, with the chapter “Blood Giant”.

The last chapter that aired on The CW was “The Stranger”, the 12th of the final season, on August 19th, when Bellamy showed that he is apparently strong and strong in his new beliefs in the Pastor. Bellamy even saw Clarke being tortured without showing any reaction.

Will Bellamy continue to be on the opposite side of his (former) friends in the final battle that is approaching?

Make a note of it in the agenda: The last episode of The 100 opens on September 30th.


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