The 10 Wildest Weapons in Horror Movies according to Reddit


The legendary horror film “Scream” released the fifth installment this year, bringing back the legendary Ghost Face. While the assassin’s mask is one of the most iconic symbols in horror movies, his weapon leaves little to the imagination. However, there are other horror movie villains who are notorious for using unconventional and outrageous items and weapons to wreak havoc.

According to these Reddit users, there is no shortage of wacky or extravagant weapons. This ranges from one of the greatest slasher films in the genre, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, to more obscure horror films with the same creative approach, such as The Massacre at the Pajama Party 2.

Carrot Nose (Jack Frost)

Not to be mistaken with the sequel to the 1998 Christmas family film with Michael Keaton, Jack Frost is a 1997 horror film, which was later used to make a sequel to The Revenge of the Snowman Killer. Both feature a serial killer who has mutated into living snow, making it easier for him to sneak around and continue his work.

In both films, Frost uses several types of unique winter weapons to kill his victims, including icicles, Christmas lights and a children’s sled. But a Reddit user, whose account was subsequently deleted, pointed out that the strangest death comes in the sequel, in which Frost uses his pointed carrot nose for all sorts of terrible things.

Food for breakfast (Woodcutter)

Since 2015’s “The Woodcutter” is a comedy horror movie, the villain’s weapon chosen in it is stupid enough to be included in the Reddit user’s AimostFrontPage list. Nehemiah Easterday is a chef who was killed for refusing to give out his secret family recipe for pancakes and rose from the grave in the form of a Woodcutter to take revenge on the descendants of his killer.

Nehemiah attacks vacationers and counselors of the church camp of Good Friends not only with his axe, but also with pancakes, frying pans and enough syrup in which to drown a person. But pancakes are used not only as weapons. By eating a batch of his special pancakes, the Woodcutter fatally adds strength.

Sleeping Bag (Friday, 13th, Part VII: New Blood)

Jason Voorhees, one of the best slasher movie characters of all time, is more inventive than his single-minded behavior suggests, notes Reddit user SaraFist, calling him an “inventive bastard” for using various weapons. . He not only understands the deadly use of many different objects very quickly, but sometimes even catches his victims like a hunter.

In the sequel “Friday the 13th, Part VII: New Blood,” the first appearance of Jason Kane Hodder uses a familiar camp object to kill Judy in one of the most famous scenes of the franchise. Jason zips her up in her own sleeping bag to hold her down, and then holds the bag by the end and hits her against a tree.

Basketball (Deadly Friend)

The deadly friend raised by Reddit user Losman94 often takes a back seat when discussing the work of director Wes Craven. This 1986 sci-fi horror film centers around a genius teenager, Paul, whose attempt to use his robot’s microprocessor to resurrect a murdered lover fails.

A cyber-enhanced girl begins a vengeful series of murders. When confronted by a hot-tempered elderly neighbor, she throws a basketball at her with enough force to blow her head off, in a style similar to the famous explosion scene in Scanners.

Corn Cob (Lunatics)

The 1992 film Sleepwalkers is based on a short story by Stephen King (and includes one of his best film roles). It centers around a mother and son team of werewolf demons trying to devour souls in a sleepy Indiana town, only to encounter unexpected resistance from city cats. He has several interesting murders, the most memorable of which was summed up by Reddit user silversnapper: “I liked the death scene with corn.”

The mother, Mary, attacks the home of her son’s alleged victim, overcoming her police protection. She kills one of the deputies by stabbing him in the back with a half-eaten corn cob, and then pronounces over his body the classic phrase of mom: “No vegetables, no dessert!”

Drill Guitar (The Slumber Party Massacre 2)

While the original “Massacre at the Party” was considered either an average slasher or a parody of this genre, its sequel can completely go off the rails. Instead of the intimidating but empty killer with a drill, the Killer Driller here really lives up to his name, preternaturally chasing teenagers with his flamboyant style and rockabilly attitude.

The Drillers’ Killer Weapon is unlike anything else: a bright red electric guitar with scary spikes on the sides and a huge working drill instead of a takeaway. After first watching the movie , Reddit user ForeverFinalGirl stated: “The shining light in this movie is the killer and his amazing guitar.”

Reverse Bear Trap (saw)

The Saw films are notorious for using excessive and inventive methods of torturing and killing victims.