The 10 most unexpected deaths in a TV show according to Reddit


The premiere of the second part of the 6th season of “Better call Saul” will take place on July 11, and the two main characters of “Breaking Bad”, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, will finally return in it. Heisenberg and Pinkman, from Hank Schrader to Jane Margolis, witnessed many horrific deaths that were a shock to themselves, as well as to most viewers; however, other series also distinguished themselves by surprising the audience with unpredictable deaths.

The deaths of the characters are always hard to watch, but there are some that are so spectacularly written and so unexpected that the audience feels as if they were hit by a train. It’s difficult to make a successful plot twist related to death, from which many jaws drop, but some went to Reddit to talk about deaths they never expected.

Mace Hughes – The Steel Alchemist

The redditor of Logical_Paradoxes mentioned “Mace Hughes. Today is a terrible day for rain” and met many users who shared deep grief over the departure of this beloved character. Most fans can agree that Hughes’ death was really painful because he was a character who did good to others throughout the anime.

But what’s even more devastating about his death is the heartbreaking funeral scene that follows immediately after, where her loving daughter asks why her dad is being buried. This Redditor spoke on behalf of many when he said that “this is one of the few scenes that can make me cry.”

Opi – Sons of Anarchy

“Sons of Anarchy” is one of the best series that didn’t get an Emmy, and it has a lot of scenes that are difficult to watch. However, none of them can come close to the devastating effect that Opie’s death has had on fans of the series. Redditor wu_tareno commented: “Opi. I’m still hurting, man,” and many agreed.

SvonRonson91 added: “Opie was my favorite character. After that, I almost couldn’t watch,” which explains why many people almost quit the series after that. Most of the audience at this moment was very sad to see how a part of Jax died.

Rita – Dexter

No one expected that from the most bloodthirsty, calculating, cold-blooded and intelligent serial killer, an even more methodical and sociopathic (with the largest number of serial killers on television) killer in Dexter would leave. That’s why cdet commented on “Rita” and Stichosur replied, “I couldn’t move off the couch at the end of season four. Her death took me by surprise.”

Everyone trusted Dexter has to eliminate every serial killer before they can take more lives, especially his wife. That’s why it was an absolute shock when Trinity’s Killer managed to kill Rita. Her character has always attracted the sympathy of the audience, because she was a loving wife and a wonderful mother, so her death made many jaw drop.

Mr. Eco – Lost

Redditor hipships commented: “Mr. Eco in LOST. He was cool,” and indeed, he was one of the most beloved characters of the series. His brutal death was very unexpected and difficult for most fans, and for some his death meant a huge drop in the quality of the series.

The end of his life did not seem insignificant, and the scene of his departure exalted him as a character when emotional memories appeared. They showed how loving and caring he was, and, most importantly, they portrayed what was most important to him – his sense of what was right was not shaken after his death.

Omar – Wire

The deleted user mentioned “Omar on the Net” and was met by agray20938, who added: “Just finished watching all 5. It’s crazy how much you sympathize with Omar, despite the fact that he is a murderer who robs drug dealers.” It was a very good comment to note the magnificent three-dimensionality that the show admires.

“Wiretapping” shows that life is not black and white, and that fame in some aspects of life does not save anyone from death – especially in an area rotting in social injustice and violence due to poverty and drug trafficking.

Zoey Barnes – House of Cards

The redditor of super_sayanything commented: “Zoey from House of Cards. Still a good show, but misses her a lot.” Any fan who says they saw this scene is probably lying. Francis Underwood is one of the most disgusting villains on television, but his murder of Zoey exceeded all expectations associated with his evil boundaries.

It happens in seconds, it’s brutal and out of nowhere. Zoey’s death can be considered one of the most effective and successful plot twists in the TV series, and for sure fans gasped and wondered what had just happened. What viewers can learn from this death is not to ask sensitive questions to the wrong person.

Oberyn Martell – Game of Thrones

HappyFir3 mentioned: “From Game of Thrones: Oberyn.” He kicked his ass so hard that BLAM, you didn’t have eyeballs. And screams… oh, screams…” and evoked many disturbing memories of this merciless death, from which the audience screamed. terrified with Ellaria.