The 10 most popular anime series openings of the 2010s, according to views on YouTube


In the 2020s, there are already some stellar opening themes from anime hits that are sure to be the best in this decade. From Jujutsu Kaisen to Spy X Spy, they have already received millions of views online and it looks like they will continue to bring even more catchy music for future episodes.

But in the 2010s, many anime became hits or cult favorites, and their opening themes played a significant role in their success. And given the millions of views on YouTube, fans may or may not be surprised by which posts and who got the most clicks and views.

Soul Eater – 28 million views

Despite the fact that the series lasted only 1 season, the series gained a devoted fan base, as 3 groups must get rid of 99 evil spirits from the human world and 1 witch in order to achieve the highest rating of the school. But with forces trying to stop them and attack their establishment, these teenagers certainly have a lot to do.

Featuring a mix of electric guitar and Japanese rock performed by T. M. Revolutions, “Resonance” is able to capture an exciting and adventurous world and create what the public can expect. This is not only one of the highest views of the opening theme, but also one of the most popular songs of the musician on YouTube.

My Hero Academy – 28 million views

Released in 2016, the anime quickly became one of the most popular action movies and is even considered the best Shonen Jump anime of all time. The first season will introduce everyone to Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, a boy who entered a school for young superheroes in a world where they have become commonplace.

Japanese rock band Porno Graffiti, the first of many opening themes for My Hero Academia, effectively used percussion and vocals to create “The Day”. Catching the energy of the series and its characters, they once again demonstrated why they work with action anime to open the show with a bang.

Opening of Black Clover 3 – 30 million views

Released in 2017, “Black Clover” tells about the adventures of Asta, a young man who will become the next wizard king. However, he lacks the magic that many will need to claim the title in a world where everyone has been blessed by him.

Used in the “Eye of the Midnight Sun” arch, the third opening theme of the Vikeblanka perfectly combines piano and energetic vocals, creating a more dramatic piece that fans of anime series may not have expected. But it brilliantly helps set the stage for a more dramatic and emotional story.

Opening of Black Clover 10 – 32 million views

During the Elf Reincarnation Arc, Asta is chosen as one of the new Royal Knights. But during the mission to stop the villainous group, the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Asta and a cute group of main characters encounter reincarnated elves and the mastermind of this dark magic.

Returning once again to record another brilliant start, Vikeblana mixed piano and percussion to set the stage for these dramatic and tense episodes. But they are also once again creating a piece full of energy and heart, demonstrating why they are so well stuck in Black Clover.

Opening My Hero Academia 2 — 32 million views

By signing up and joining the superhero school, Deku demonstrates his determination to test his abilities for the U.A. Sports Festival. But since Pro Heroes are watching their every move, this is not an ordinary sports competition.

“Peace Sign” was created by Kenshi Yonezu for this story arc, and with the help of electric guitar and vocals, he captured the high-octane action that fans expected. And his opening theme worked so effectively with the preparation for the confrontation that many expected, in such an energetic manner that he received the “Best Intro” award at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards in 2017.

Attack of the Titans – 39 million views

Created by the famous studio Wit Studios, the first season of “Attack on the Titans” introduced viewers to a wild steampunk-style world filled with ogres. Following the recruits of the Intelligence Corps, this gang of losers discovers the horrifying and heartbreaking truth about these creatures and their attacks.

Performed by Linked Horizon, they brilliantly blended orchestral and rock music to reflect steampunk technology and the dramatic battles the characters will face. Talented musicians, known both for their dramatic moments and battle scenes, were able to capture the spirit of the series by choosing instruments, vocals and musical styles.

Beastars – 48 million views

Released in late 2019, Beastars has become one of Netflix’s biggest original anime releases, and a third season is in development. The action takes place in a high school filled with anthropomorphic animals, the wolf Legoshi falls in love with the rabbit Haru, while a terrible murder occurs, dividing the students into herbivores and carnivores and making school much more difficult for the main character of the anime.