The 10 Most Outraged Twitter Reactions to the cancellation of First Kill


Netflix recently announced that it will not renew “The First Murder” for a second season. Nevertheless, the drama about lesbian vampires has already gathered a large fan base, since it depicts LGBTQ+ and black characters, which is not often found in the media.

However, Netflix believes that the show was not watched by a significant number of viewers, and it does not justify the amount of money they spend on it (via Variety). Fans are outraged by this decision, and they are turning to very important truths on Twitter.

Viewers are tired of canceling their Favorite shows

Yeah. What she said.

Despite the fact that the first murder had a significant number of viewers, Netflix canceled the show, and fans couldn’t be more disappointed. “The First Murder” had everything its audience had always wanted: a lesbian couple, a show host, black representation and, of course, an impossible romance between a vampire and a vampire hunter.

This Twitter user shared this funny image from the show to express his outrage. Fans are tired of behaving well, and they want their show back. Representation of LGBTQ+ and POC is rarely seen on television, mainly because many shows continue to be canceled and viewers can’t stand it anymore.

People Want Netflix to Sell Shows

Netflix, when are you going to sell the rights to “The First Murder”? 😒🤨
Because I need the “First Kill” to get more seasons on another platform because you don’t want to give us ANOTHER SEASON!! #SaveFirstKill #FirstKillSecondHome

Fans of the show are still hoping that “The First Murder” will be bought by another network, which has already happened with other shows. While Netflix is more likely to buy cancelled shows from other networks, such as Lucifer or Arrested Development, the streaming site has also sold some of its shows, such as One Day At A Time.

Let’s hope that the other network will realize that “The First Murder” has a lot of fans, and they will invest in this great show, which has already had a great impact on its viewers, since “The First Murder” is one of the best shows featuring LGBTQ+.

Netflix Doesn’t make the Right Decisions

netflix is freaking weird canceling the first murder. a successful wlw show starring a black woman was canceled after it outperformed SEVERAL Netflix originals?…what

— CEO of kory (@korysverse) August 3, 2022

Not only was “The First Murder” perfectly presented on the screen, the show managed to gather a large number of viewers in the short time that it was on the streaming platform. For this reason, fans are confused to learn that Netflix has decided not to give the series at least one more season.

Netflix has already canceled many LGBTQ+ shows during the first few seasons, and this platform is also known for not giving its TV shows a proper ending, often leaving cliffhangers in the season finales and not renewing the show. Such disrespect for viewers can cost Netflix a significant portion of the audience.

Netflix Didn’t Even Give Fans a Happy Ending

The worst part of canceling the first kill is that they ended the season with Calliette breaking up, I’m furious.

Since it became a trademark of Netflix, the season finale of “The First Murder” ended with a lot of unanswered questions about the future of the characters. Mainly, after Juliet turned Theo into a vampire, Cal vowed to do everything in her power to destroy her, and fans of the show will never know what will happen to the main couple of the series.

On top of that, both the main Burns and Fairmont families had their share of conflict: most of the Burns tried to kill Theo, and his mother helped him escape, while the Fairmonts turned Eleanor into the police. There are a lot of unresolved issues in this series, and the viewers are upset that they will never get the right conclusion.

Other shows were relaunched, although they didn’t work as well.

Viewers are especially upset that “The First Murder” is another of their favorite TV shows, canceled in 2022, when other shows poorly received by the public get another season. “365 Days” is an erotic TV show that Netflix has renewed for the second and third parts (via Deadline), despite the fact that he has 0% points on Rotten Tomatoes and 3.3 points on IMDB.

Maybe 365 Days has a better budget, or maybe a certain target audience likes it, but whatever the reason for Netflix’s decision to extend one show rather than another, it’s hard not to notice the unfairness of the situation.


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