The 10 most Iconic Video Game Characters who can control the darkness


The main purpose of a good video game is to allow players to unconsciously immerse themselves in the game world. To do this, the game will try to create an attractive and recognizable set of characters by placing them in an exciting land. While this adds depth to the game, endowing the character with unique and unusual abilities is perhaps the best way to ensure that the player remembers them.

A video game can incorporate many different abilities through its characters. For example, if a story requires a character to have some unlikely power, it’s not difficult to imagine it. Some of the game’s most iconic characters are enchanted by the power of darkness.

10 Riku (Kingdom of Hearts)

Once a boy trapped on a tiny island, Riku sought to escape from prison in the hope of seeing other worlds. Kingdom Hearts tells the story of Sora, the chosen one of the Key Blade, who travels through many different worlds in search of his friends.

Although Sora’s path is full of joy and miracles, Riku’s path was much more sinister. The evil witch Maleficent convinces Rika to join her, promising to reunite him with his missing friend. The longer he stays by her side, the more he begins to rely on the power of darkness to ensure Kyrie’s safety.

9 Starkiller (Star Wars: The Force at Large)

Introduced in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, the Starkiller is arguably one of the most powerful beings present in the galaxy. Having decided to leave his master’s side, Starkiller begins to devote himself to the Light Side of the Force, but the power he possesses suggests that he does not intend to give up his roots.

Throughout the game, Starkiller demonstrates his knowledge of the Dark Side through his terrifying abilities. He can regularly be seen engaging in the Dark Side, using his red-bladed lightsaber, as well as shooting lightning bolts from his fingertips.

8 Ardin Izuniya (Final Fantasy 15)

The main antagonist of Final Fantasy 15 is as smart as he is quirky. He spends most of the narrative in the game posing as a charming ally of Noctis and his friends before eventually revealing his true intentions.

Defying the gods, Ardyn was cursed with immortality. Ardin was once supposed to be king, but his brother stole his birthright from him, which filled him with hatred. Having regained his throne, Ardyn uses his dark powers to plunge the world into endless night.

7 Eredin Breakk Glas (The Witcher)

Wild Hunt consists of a group of monster-like creatures obsessed with bringing trouble wherever they roam. They travel mainly under the protection of lightning and thunderstorms and are considered an omen of death for anyone who witnesses their presence.

Eredin Breakk Glas is the leader of the Wild Hunt, who often relies on the forces of darkness to achieve his goals. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Eredin uses these powers to pursue Ciri, a young woman capable of stopping their terror.

6 Serana (Skyrim)

Serana is one of the nicest companions in Skyrim. Serana, introduced in the Dawnguard DLC, is an incredibly powerful ally who must be on the player’s side as he sets out to thwart Harkon’s plans for world domination.

As a vampire, Serana can use various unique abilities to help her during combat. Her knowledge of magic allows her to suck the life essence out of her enemies until they either die or surrender: a devastatingly powerful ability that echoes notions of fear.

5 Lord of Shadows (NieR)

The Shadow Lord acts as the main antagonist in NieR. After he kidnaps the protagonist’s sister, Jonah, the player is forced to go through a difficult path to get her back. The Shadow Lord is preparing for this by releasing his plague of Shadows into the world.

As his name implies, the Shadow Lord can bend the Shadows to his will, ordering them to attack the main character whenever he gets too close. The dark folio, Grimoire Noir, allows the Lord of Shadows to use a wide range of dark abilities.

4 Ganon (The Legend of Zelda)

Ganon, sometimes referred to as Ganondorf, is a recurring villain in The Legend of Zelda series. Once a noble being who hoped to protect his people, Ganon was consumed by greed and rage.

His dependence on the power of darkness may well be the only reason he returns with each piece. It seems that his use of the power of darkness brought him immortality. In each image, he tries to thwart Link and Zelda’s attempts to defeat him once and for all, but powerful dark magic can make their attempts futile forever.