The 10 Most Iconic Fictional Fast Food Restaurants in Anime


Fast food restaurants are just as prominent in the fictional world as they are in the real world. Although many anime fans rarely discuss these establishments, some of these enterprises have managed to stand out so much that they are now recognized as an integral part of the respective stories.

Despite their generally unimpressive nature, many of these fictional restaurants have unique features and serve several purposes, turning them into real attractions. They are shown in many forms; sometimes as a place frequented by our favorite characters, as a place where an important event in history took place, or even as an enterprise run by the characters themselves.

10 Western Restaurant Nekoya – restaurant in another world

The issekai genre has become oversaturated over the past few years, many games contain extremely general storylines and uninteresting prerequisites. However, a refreshing new addition to the template has become a gourmet anime; A Restaurant in another world.

This show centers around a diner called Western Restaurant Nekoya, an establishment that serves regular Japanese customers on weekdays but opens its doors to otherworldly creatures on Saturdays. It is known for the fact that it is inhabited by various interesting creatures, from dwarves to dragons, and extremely powerful magic guards the entrance to the gates to the otherworld, preventing malicious visitors from gaining access to the famous restaurant.

9 Dream Coffee Shop – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya’s Melancholy is one of Kyoto Animation’s most iconic games, featuring extremely crisp animation with stellar attention to detail, despite being released in 2006. In the center of her attention is an eccentric high school student named Haruhi Suzumiya and her group of unenthusiastic minions, whom she dubbed the SOS Brigade.

Dream Coffee Shop is a cafe that serves as a place for regular meetings of members of the SOS Brigade before holding any special events. He can mostly be seen serving different types of drinks when the crew members arrive, but he is also known for his McDonalds-style food bags.

8 Cafe Style – Mix S

Café Stile is the main place where Blend’s characters spend their working lives. The main character of this anime, Mika Sakuranomiya, initially struggles to find a job due to the menacing look that appears on her face whenever she tries to smile. However, her efforts finally bear fruit after she stumbles upon a place that puts her unique condition to good use.

This cafe offers services that are more focused on employees than on food, while each waitress must serve customers while maintaining the individuality of each of them. Mike, for example, is given a sadistic role because of the menacing aura that she radiates with her smile, a personality that is shown to be liked by people with masochistic tendencies.

7 Vagnaria – It Works!!

Working!! This is an anime that is extremely popular in the community of everyday people, with a unique cast of characters with extremely eccentric personalities. The main character, Souta Takanashi, is a newly hired member of the family restaurant Wagnaria after being tracked down by one of his waitresses, Popura Taneshima.

This restaurant offers regular services, but stands out because of the interesting daily activities that take place inside. From the bipolar nerd Aoi Yamada to the domineering sadist Hiromi Suma, the irregular dynamics between Wagnaria employees serve as a constant source of excitement.

6 Maid Latte – Maid Herself!

The maid herself! – one of the most popular romantic shojo games released in the 2000s. The anime tells about the life of the assertive student council president Misaki Ayuzawa and her main love interest Takumi Usui, a blond foreigner who is considered extremely attractive. These two initially have no friendly relations, but gradually they become closer to each other as the plot develops.

Maid Latte is a cafe where Misaki works to make ends meet for her family. This becomes an object of interest when Usui notices her in a restaurant, despite the fact that she is keen to keep her job a secret, since her work at the maid cafe is in sharp contrast to the image she has created so far. Usui decides to keep it a secret, but regularly visits the cafe to annoy her for his own pleasure. In

5 Anteiku – Tokyo Ghoul

The world of Tokyo Ghoul is inhabited by dangerous cannibal creatures known as Ghouls. They are powerful beings with superhuman abilities and an insatiable thirst for human flesh. However, for fear of being detained by the authorities, they act secretly and quietly devour their prey away from prying eyes.

Despite the tendency of most ghouls to attack living people, there was an organization called Anteiku, which specialized in providing food for ghouls in a less violent way.


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