The 10 Most Exciting Horror Films released in the fall of 2022


The summer of 2022 was filled with great horror films, such as “No” and “Black Phone”, which captivated the public. But even as summer comes to an end, moviegoers can look forward to a new batch of fresh horror films. Autumn is the perfect time to watch the latest horror movies, and some more great movies will be released this fall.

Horror fans have been waiting for these releases for many months, and soon they will be relieved of the wait. Some of these films are purely original, adaptations of previous works or part of well-known horror franchises. These 10 horror films will make viewers line up at the box office.

Dark Harvest — September 9th.

“Dark Harvest” is a folk horror film directed by David Slade based on the novel by Norman Partridge. The main roles in the film were played by Casey Likes, Emily Crutchfield and Dustin Seitamer.

The film is based on the legend of a monster named October Boy terrorizing the inhabitants of a small town. He rises from the cornfields every Halloween and with the help of a carving knife – his favorite weapon kills everyone who gets in his way. Other details regarding the film have not yet been disclosed. There is also no trailer for the film yet. However, his production company has also released several Marvel films, so it needs to maintain a reputation. The release date of the film is September 9.

Jeepers Creepers: Rebirth — September 19

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn is the next part of the Jeepers Creepers franchise. The film stars Sidney Craven, Gary Graham and Jarro Benjamin.

The film is about Lane Craven and how she begins to experience the events familiar with the Creeper. It seems to her that something outside of her world is approaching her. The trailer does a good job of not showing the Creeper and leaving the viewer in the dark, leaving his majestic appearance on the big screen. There seems to have been a lot of killing and blood, as Creeper seems to be successful in many of his kills. The film is due to be released on September 19.

Don’t worry, dear — September 23

“Don’t Worry, Darling” is a physiological horror film directed by Olivia Wilde. The main roles in the film were played by Florence Pugh, Harry Styles and Chris Pine.

The film tells the story of Pugh’s character, Alice, who gradually realizes that the ideal utopian society in which she lives is actually a dark place. Judging by the trailer, it seems that Pugh will be alone in her quest to learn the secrets of her city, since it seems that no one supports her. The trailer also misses a lot of details, so the viewer will mostly watch blindly. This is Pugh’s second big horror film since she starred in a masterpiece of folk horror Midsommar. It is due to be released on September 23.

Pearl — September 23.

“Pearl” is a slasher horror film that tells the story of the origin of X. It was also directed by Ty West and starred Mia Goth, David Korensvet and Thandi Wright.

The film is a story of the origin of the character Pearl, played by a Goth and who was an elderly woman on a farm in X. Pearl will reveal the secrets of the main character and help the viewer understand why she was so strange in X. The trailer shows the same slasher horror with a modern satirical bias that X. Pearl was filmed secretly, so no one I knew about it until the end of July. The film will be released on September 23.

Smile – September 30

Smile is a supernatural horror film directed by Parker Finn. Sozi Bacon, Caitlin Stacy and Jesse Asher are the main characters of this terrifying new movie.

The film is about the character of Bacon Rose, who witnesses a strange and traumatic event involving one of her patients. After experiencing stranger events and hearing about people who went through the same thing, died, she tries to get to the bottom of what is happening to her. The trailer seems like the movie is based on suspense with multiple screeners throughout the movie. However, it seems they’ve messed up their biggest fear of jumping in the trailer. Smile will be released on September 30.

The Rise of the Sinister Dead — October 7

Evil Dead Rise is a supernatural horror film and the next installment of the Evil Dead franchise. The film stars Alyssa Sutherland, Lily Sullivan and Gabrielle Echols, and centers around two estranged sisters who reunite, but their reunion is interpreted as a flesh-grabbing by demons.

The film is based on the same universe as the original films, but is not a sequel. There is no trailer yet, but the viewer should expect the same disturbing horror of survival, with modern computer graphics and updated makeup. The release date of the film is October 7.

Halloween ends – October 14th

“Halloween Ends” is the supposed final chapter in one of the best horror franchises: “Halloween”. The main roles in the film were played by Jamie Lee Curtis, Andy Maticak and James Jude Courtney.


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