The 10 longest breaks between anime seasons


The anime industry has a fickle attitude towards new seasons. Factors such as manga sales and availability affect when fans will receive a sequel. Despite the huge success, some classic films, such as Spice and Wolf or Yuri on Ice, did not have sequels.

However, when, more than a decade later, characters like Bleach return to the airwaves this year with the “Thousand-Year Bloody War” arc, things are going better. For better or worse, these shows have managed to continue their stories so that fans can enjoy them. After all, patience is a virtue.

Note. This is especially for series that directly continue the story with an obvious cliffhanger. Sequels such as FLCL Progressive, Card Captor Sakura Clear Card and Dragonball Super are not different seasons as their action takes place after the completed story. These are sequels, not new seasons.

Chihayafuru is 3-6 years old

The third season of Chihayafuru begins after the huge success of the Mizusawa participants at the last tournament. All of them have reached great heights in their craft. Now that they have confidence, skill and experience on their side, they all strive for their personal goals. Chihaya Ayase aimed for the title of queen, and Taichi Mashima finally equaled Arata Wataya.

Chihayafuru has a distinctive feature — to remain consistently amazing. Many shows struggle to achieve the same level of polish and skill as Chihayafuru. The third season continues this by exploring the characters now that they are at the peak of the great victory. Chihayafuru competes with the likes of Haikyu in terms of competitive passion, portrayed as a path to self-development.

Specific Magic Index III – 7 years

After the destruction of Akademgorodom, Tom Kamidze finds himself embroiled in another political conflict. As both Academic Cities prepare for a full-scale war against the Roman Catholic Church, Tom must find a way to protect his allies (and familiar anti-hero Accelerator) from the chaos that is about to unfold. Magic and science collide in this explosive final installment of the film adaptation of the light novel A Certain Magical Index.

Despite this fascinating summary, “A Certain Magic Index III” was thrown in a hurry. The series misses out on the book’s political thriller and opts instead for big battles. Several iconic arches from the books have been significantly reduced. Despite all the bright excesses, it is clear that this was an adaptation made by a corporation seeking to fulfill a quota.

Hajime no Ippo: New contender – 7 years old

Ippo Makunouchi, the featherweight champion of Japan, successfully retained his belt against a challenger for the first time. Meanwhile, his rival Ichiro Miyata returned to Japan, fighting for his featherweight title of the East Pacific Boxing Federation. This time, the champions will turn into contenders seeking to demonstrate their fighting spirit on the world stage.

Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger does not miss a second, bringing the viewer back to the world of boxing and sports. It examines an important fact about Ippo and Miyata, namely that they are big fish in a small pond. To truly test their mettle, they are trained to fight against world-class opponents. Hajime no Ippo is one of the best sports anime ever created, and New Challenger continues everything that made it possible.

D. Gray-Man Hallow – 8 years old

D. Gray-Man Hallow follows immediately after the events of last season related to the Akuma attack. Allen Walker suddenly pulled away for an unexpected meeting with his old master, General Cross Marian. Marian shows that there is more to the mysterious 14th than meets the eye. As Allen finds himself in the epicenter of a massive conspiracy, he must fight to save not only himself, but his entire Order.

Many fans liked how exactly the adaptation matches the source material. While the change in artistic style bristled some old fans, it was good enough to earn praise from everyone else. In particular, the emphasis on conspiracy intrigued viewers in a way they hadn’t been interested in this story before. Despite the fact that it is a little cut down and was a few years late, it was a solid sequel.

Part-time Devil S2 – 9 years old

Part—time Devil Season 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the popular 2013 isekai. Continuing from the same place where the first season left off, Mao continues his climb up the career ladder at MgRonald’s. However, as these machinations from life take place, Emilia continues to explore how and why they were sent to this modern world in the first place.

The show is due to be released next week, July 14. Interestingly, animation studios switched from White Fox to Studio 3Hz. Studio 3Hz is best known for animating the high-octane Sword Art Online Alternative byproduct based on weapons. Fans should be thrilled with this action-oriented change.

Musishi C2 – 9 years old

Mushishi Season 2 has become a long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed Mushishi.


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