The 10 fastest trains in the world in 2022


Trains are truly a modern marvel in today’s world, evolving along with the rest of technology and machinery in an ever-changing technological society. A game-changing invention within the railroad industry is the bullet train,  an iconic staple of multiple cultures. This icon isn’t exclusive to the rails, but also in TV shows and movies, like Bullet Train coming out on August 5th, 2022.

Bullet trains are constantly increasing in popularity due to the many worldwide makes and models, and with the simple fact that they exceed speeds, the human body typically travels on a daily basis. As months and years come and go, so do fast trains that break records and get people and cargo at blazing speeds, and 2022 has certainly brought plenty to the train station.

Frecciarossa 1000

Created originally in Italy in 2013, the Frecciarossa 1000 is an impressive train that can reach a top speed of 248.5 mph or 400 km/h. This feat is attained by the train’s powerful 16 engines within the eight coaches it boasts. Not only is this locomotive speedy, but it is also safe for both the environment and travelers onboard, equipped with technology to ensure both limited CO2 emission and speed.

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The Frecciarossa 1000 is an ideal choice of travel for passengers who want to get from place to place at a fast but safe pace. This locomotive barely scratches the surface for high speed when it comes to other trains, and that may be more enticing to some passengers, especially since the Frecciarossa emphasizes safety and purer energy use over speed.

Siemens Velaro E

With a recorded top speed of 250.8 mph, or 403.7 km/h, this Spanish train was built in 2001 with a length of 656 feet. The Siemens Velaro E can hold a total of 536 passengers within the eight cars that make up the train. The train reached its top speed back in 2006 and held the Spanish record for fastest train speed, however that record was later beat, but its consistent speed is still fast enough to be considered among the fastest trains, even today.

The Siemens Velaro E has a very sleek look, the kind that looks like the backdrop for an action blockbuster movie like Bullet Train appears to be. Combining style and speed, this is a must-ride train for any passengers in Spain wanting to get somewhere fast. The Siemens Velaro E’s speed is even more impressive considering it is the second oldest train on the list.

Fuxing Hao CR 400AF

Manufactured in China in 2017, the Fuxing Hao CR 400AF boasts a 260 mph, or 418 km/h, top speed. This massive 16-car train stretches over a thousand feet long, which makes its top speed an even more impressive feat. But perhaps the most remarkable trait of the Fuxing Hao CR 400AF is the fact that it made its top speed at -40 degrees Celsius temperature.

This cold temperature enduring train would be a perfect fit for the setting of a social sci-fi movie like Snowpiercer. It is a large, powerful train that can roar through China at a frightening pace, but is the perfect option for passengers in a rush. It also boasts the largest formation compared to other fast trains.


Originating in South Korea in 2010, this 484-foot, the 6-car train has officially traveled at a top speed of 267.2 mph, or430 km/h. The cars are all made out of aluminum and boast the dimensions of 12.2 feet tall and 10.2 feet wide. The train can fit a total of 381 passengers, and cost a grand total of $79.69 million. It was certainly a labor of love created by the Hyundai Rotem group.

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The HEMU-430X lives up to its name very well, as HEMU stands for high-speed electric multiple units. A top speed of 267.2 mph certainly backs the namesake up well and shows the world yet another high-speed train for the masses to ride. The aluminum outside of the train also provides a more unique look than some other locomotives in the world.

Shanghai Maglev

The Shanghai Maglev was created in 2010 in China and has been named the fastest commercial train of 2022. This 504-foot-long train can fit 574 passengers and roars to life over the tracks at a top speed of 268 mph, or 431 km/h.  The train’s cost is roughly $1.2 billion United States Dollars, which is why few passengers choose to take it compared to other trains despite its speed.

The train levitates over the track using electromagnets instead of a wheel or a traditional track, hence why it is called a Maglev train. Maglev trains are famous for being fast, and the Shanghai Maglev is certainly no exception to this reputation. By traveling at its high speed, the Shanghai Maglev train can travel a 19-mile-long track in merely 8 minutes.

CRH380A Hexie

Yet another train created in China in 2010, the CRH380A Hexie has reportedly reached a top speed of 302 mph or 486.1 km/h. However, the operational speed is much slower at 217 mph or 350 km/h. The 16 cars can fit about 494 passengers inside and stretch over 1,000 feet long in total. There is a second type, the EC, which is the same as the CRH380A, but shorter.

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The CRH380A Hexie is yet another example of a long but very fast car, giving Chinese passengers another reliable and fast option within the train station. The train is 12.1 feet high, or 3,700 mm high, and 11.1 feet wide, or 3,380 mm wide. The train is the second fastest train in China and one of the world’s fastest, making it a great option for passengers with just how spacious it is.


The TGV POS is a truly fast train car, clocking in at 357.2 mph for its top speed, yet has the slowest operational speed on the list with 199 mph, or 320 km/h. The train was first manufactured in France in 2006, a great year for classic movies. The train consists of two main cars and eight trailers, all of which combine to fit a grand total of 485 people within.

The fast speeds at which this train travel allows it to travel all over Europe, not only in France. The TGV POS is a great option for travelers looking to travel far at a quick rate. The train also boasts safety features within the asynchronous motors of each car, so passengers can ride relaxed and assured that their fast ride will be a safe one, even if something goes amiss.

JR Central MLX01 Maglev Train

Manufactured from 1996 up until 2001, the JR Central MLX01 Maglev Train surges into Japan’s stations at a top speed of 361 mph, or 581 km/h. The length of the train varies from about 330.9 feet to 490.3 feet, due to the fact that the train fluctuates between having three to five cars attached at a time per ride. Yet despite the fluctuating amount of cars, the train has a measly capacity of 68 passengers.

The combined forces of the Maglev and MLX, which stands for magnetic levitation experiment, give the train a boost in speed and reduce aerodynamic resistance. The train has broken many world records in the past, and it was at one point the world’s fastest train. It should be noted that the train no longer publicly runs, but is still utilized in experiments.

CRRC Qingdao Sifang 2021 Maglev

Known as the fastest train in China, the CRRC Qingdao Sifang 2021 Maglev is a truly powerful force with a top speed of 373 mph or 600 km/h. As the title of the train states, it was created in 2021, a remarkable year for superhero films. The train can have as few as five cars and a maximum of 10 and can hold over 900 passengers at a time, a great encouragement for people who hate being crowded on a train.

Despite the large passenger count, the train has a positive reputation for being safe. When partnering safety with speed and a high capacity, it makes the train one of the most attractive to ride out there. It is also a great alternative for those who do not like to fly, as a trip from Shanghai to Beijing takes only half an hour longer on this train than on a plane.

Japan’s L0 Series Maglev

The king of speed when it comes to train, Japan’s L0 Series Maglev just barely beats out the competition with its highest speed being 375 mph or 603 km/h. The Japanese train was created in 2012, sporting a total of 12 train cars, which contributes to its 981 feet of total length. Like the previous entry, the L0 Series Maglev has both a large capacity and high speed, holding up to 728 passengers.

Japan’s L0 Series Maglev gives other Maglev trains a good name by being the fastest train out there. It is also a very intelligent and efficient train, with a long nose on the front of the train that reduces drag and energy consumption. This train can go ridiculously fast and has been a popular facet of Japan’s technology, which helps its case as the undisputed king of fast trains in 2022.



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