The 10 Deepest MCU Quotes, according to Reddit


When “Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness” demonstrated the impact of grief on the parties left behind, the Marvel cinematic universe proved its ability to touch a living thing. While the MCU is more known for its battle scenes and colorful costumes than wisdom, it certainly has its moments.

After all, America Chavez’s realization that she could find her mothers again was incredibly profound, as was Wanda’s love for her children. But as some fans have proven, there were some deep quotes in the MCU long before “Doctor Strange” hit theaters.

Old flame
“The world has changed, and none of us can go back. All we can do is do our best, and sometimes the best thing we can do is start over.”

One of the most painful realizations in the MCU is Captain America’s discovery that he will never be able to return. So it was a relief to be able to visit Peggy Carter and hear her tell him to start over. Essentially, he gets her blessing to try to fit into a world that has changed, even if it’s nothing more than a compromise.

“And then he literally starts over, going back in time to be with her,” says Reddit user zxyzyxz. A person out of time manages to do the impossible again and sends himself back in time to live the life he was supposed to live. After all, if anyone deserves this chance, it’s Steve.

The Fall of the Avengers
“Empire, overthrown by enemies, may be reborn. But the one that collapses from the inside? She’s dead. Forever.”

Although he had no abilities, Zemo turned out to be one of the most powerful villains of the MCU. While other villains used their power, Zemo managed to set the Avengers against each other, forcing them to destroy their own empire, so that it could no longer be restored.

“He’s actually proving himself right,” says Reddit user SagacityEnigma. “As soon as he shows that he has been manipulating Iron Man and Cap all this time, the enemy, so to speak, overthrowing their empire, and not the one that is collapsing inside, the Avengers have rebelled again.” If Zemo hadn’t revealed himself, Tony probably would never have forgiven Steve, and Thanos would have won in the end. Instead, their friendship was restored and the universe survived.

The end of the era
“Part of the way is the end.”

There is something to say about the good ending. After all, many movies were ruined by bad endings, and a bad ending for the Avengers could make things worse in hindsight. Fortunately, as Tony proved with his last shot, a fitting ending is just part of the story.

Of all the quotes in the MCU, “I like her the most,” says Redditor BigBertha5542, because she gives it meaning. Tony admits his demise and tries to emphasize that the end is just another part of life — it’s hard, but this deep realization proves that he really grew out of a simple billionaire philanthropist. On the contrary, he is also a hero.

The millennial insult
“There are always men like you.”

In all his crusades, Loki has always insisted that he is a unique antagonist. A brilliant, smart and MCU villain with excellent schematics. And yet one nameless old man still confronted him. “It doesn’t matter how you dress it,” says SixIsNotANumber on Reddit. “Evil is banal, simple, ordinary… and what greater insult can be inflicted on God?”

This phrase, repeated in Germany after the release of the film “Captain America: The First Avenger”, emphasized that humanity will always resist this common evil. And the fact that Captain America appears moments later also proves that there are always people like Loki, but there are always people like Steve who will resist and fight them off.

The reformed man
“If he was wrong about you, he was wrong about me.”

There is nothing more depressing than Bucky Barnes’ attempts to deal with the reality of what he has done. “Bucky showed a real fear that the Winter Soldier was who he was, and the only thing that kept him from the abyss, that fear manifested in him, was Steve’s judgment of his character,” says Reddit user smnow.

The idea that Steve might have been wrong to believe in Sam could easily reflect that he was wrong to trust Bucky, too. And if it wasn’t for that, maybe Bucky was nothing more than a brainwashed killer pretending to be a real man. It’s a complicated idea, but every time Sam proves Steve was right, from now on he’s only proving Bucky worthy, too.

Saying goodbye
“We’ve said goodbye before, so it goes without saying—”/ “We’ll say hello again.”

After the sudden death of Vision in Avengers: Infinity War, Wanda remained sluggish. Since there was no one left in her life, nothing tied her to the world, which led to Westview, one of the worst things Wanda had ever done. Therefore, when Wanda puts up with her behavior and says goodbye to Vision, it’s so touching.

“Wanda finished this sentence with all these emotions on her face… it just broke my heart,” Str8knightmare says on Reddit. This is a sign that she can leave him, and this is reflected even outside the films.