The 10 Best Wonder Woman Characters Not in DCEU


Immediately after the release of Wonder Woman: 1984, the third Wonder Woman film was given the green light with Patty Jenkins as director. “Wonder Woman 3” is likely to showcase Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in the modern era after the events of “Justice League” and its subsequent films. In addition, a spin-off of Amazon is in development, which, as the name suggests, will focus on other important characters of Themyscira.

Thus, there are many relatives, allies and opponents of Wonder Woman who may join the DCEU in the near future. Who are the biggest names in DC comics that may debut in live action movies in the near future?

Wonder Woman (Nubia)

Diana, although the most recognizable, was not the only outstanding character who played Wonder Woman. Introduced in 1973, Nubia also assumes the mantle—and is also the District of Columbia’s first black female superhero. Although she briefly disappeared from comics, upon her return Nubia headed several of her own publications.

It looks like she will appear in Wonder Woman 3 and/or Amazons, where she even appears as the main character alongside Hippolyta Connie Nielsen in the latter. The series may even showcase Nubia’s rise to Queen of Themyscira.

The Giant

Giganta is one of Wonder Woman’s most popular villains, which is not surprising since she has appeared in comics for almost as long as Wonder Woman. She has the ability to change size, becoming a giantess with incredible strength and endurance, which makes her a particularly difficult enemy for Wonder Woman.

However, despite her history in comics, Giganta has not appeared in live performances since the 1960s Wonder Woman series. She is a possible candidate for the role of the villain in “Wonder Woman 3” and may even appear in any villainous team that Lex Luthor creates — if it ever comes to fruition.

Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)

Wonder Woman has long been helped by several friends, including the first Wonder Girl, Donna Troy. In fact, she was created by the Amazonian sorcerer Deniro to kill Wonder Woman, but these plans were thwarted, and she became one of the heroes’ most loyal allies.

She is also usually depicted as the founder and member of the Teen Titans, as shown in Titans. Soon she may appear in DCEU, perhaps she will be played by Rachel Zegler, who hid her role in Shazam! Rage of the gods. Zegler also teased that Wonder Woman might appear in the movie, so that could set her up before becoming Wonder Girl.


Wonder Woman encountered numerous prominent characters of Greek mythology, such as Ares in Wonder Woman. Another classic villain is Circe, who could be a great antagonist for Wonder Woman 3 or Amazons. Although Circe is not a real goddess, she gains magical powers and is one of the strongest magic users in DC comics.

Like her origin from mythology, she controls an army of ani-men—men whom she has turned into dangerous hybrid animals. Alternatively, Circe could be a potential antagonist of the Dark Justice League series, presumably being developed for HBO Max.

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)

Donna Troy was replaced in the role of Wonder Girl by Cassie Sandsmark. She was originally introduced as Wonder Woman’s half-sister, also the daughter of Zeus, but this was later changed to the fact that she is now his granddaughter. Zeus is dead in the DCEU, killed by Ares, but this change frees Cassie’s introduction from depending on his future inclusion.

While in any DCEU project, most likely, it will first be presented ​​​​Donna Troy, Cassie can definitely be introduced later. Like many teammates and teenage heroes, she is associated with the Young Titans and Young Justice, as one of the founders of the latter, so if any team comes to the DCEU, Cassie can break through.


Given her pious background, Wonder Woman has many siblings, including at the time of her appearance Nubia, her long-lost twin. This was changed in later releases, with twin brother Jason introduced instead. Since men are forbidden on Temisir, he was sent away immediately after birth. When Jason found out the truth about his origins, he became jealous of his sister, corrupted by Darkseid’s daughter Grail.

He overcomes this and becomes a vital ally of his sister. It’s important to note that Jason is one of the many LGBTQ+ heroes who is bisexual himself, just like his sister — something the DCEU has yet to explicitly acknowledge regarding Wonder Woman. It would be interesting to see how his introduction will shake up Diana, as she is presented as the only child in the franchise.

Artemis of Bana-Maidalla

Not to be confused with the goddess Artemis, who fought Darkseid alongside Zeus and Ares in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Artemis of Bana Maidalla is an Amazonian hero. She is part of a splinter group that joined the human world and settled in Egypt.