The 10 best Twitter reactions to the announcement of “Joker 2”


After years of speculation, screenwriter and director Todd Phillips has confirmed that a sequel to his Oscar-winning film “The Joker” is in development, and Joaquin Phoenix has confirmed that he will return to this role (which earned him his first Academy Award for Best Actor). .

The Joker was one of the biggest films of 2019, grossing more than $1 billion (according to Box Office Mojo), and if the fan reaction to the announcement of the sequel is an indicator, “Joker 2” may have even greater success. Those who are especially on Twitter seem to be screaming with excitement, and many express their joy through memes or their tweets.

Excitement about the return of Joaquin Phoenix

While the box office success of “The Joker” made a sequel inevitable, it was much more doubtful whether Joaquin Phoenix would even be interested in returning to the role of Arthur Fleck.

Since Phillips himself shared a photo of Phoenix reviewing what can be assumed to be the script for Joker 2, fans like @ErikDavis were able to exhale and share their relief that he would be reprising the role.

The Cinematic Universe of Fall Out Boy

The subtitle of the sequel “Joker” Folie à Deux not only means “madness shared by two”, but is also the title of the album of the rock band Fall Out Boy. After the release of Folie à Deux, the band took a break for four years before returning with Save Rock and Roll.

It’s unlikely that Todd Phillips chose this subtitle because he’s a big fan of FoB, but the announcement was certainly greeted with great pleasure by fans like @shutupholden who made the connection.

Imagining Potential Movie Posters

Popular Internet artist @BossLogic shared his opinion on what the title of the film could mean. Judging by the title, the sequel may explore Arthur’s mental health more deeply.

However, that didn’t stop fans under the comments section from theorizing about whether “the madness between them” could refer to another character—or even another Joker (for example, a reference to Cameron Monahan’s Gotham Joker, the Joker featured in the Arkham video game series, or even a recent version of Barry Keoghan’s iconic character).

Fan casting of the second Joker

What if he says “I’m going to be the Joker 2” in the trailer

— Scratch (@ScratchAE__) June 8, 2022

Even before “Joker 2” was announced, actor Willem Dafoe openly declared his desire to play the Joker and even appear on the screen with the Joker from “Phoenix” Arthur Fleck. Since Folie à Deux is confirmed as the title of the sequel, fans like @ScratchAE_ are wondering if Todd Phillips will accept Defoe’s offer.

Since the first film ended with Fleck causing chaos and a lot of impostors, the idea that he was opposed by a second Joker remained a popular theory.

“Somehow he came back”

Initially, it seemed that “The Joker” should be a one-off film that is not interested in sequels or tie-ins to the franchise. While Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix are both returning, fans like @filmdaze couldn’t resist poking fun at the obvious twist by linking the infamously lazy explanation of Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise” about the return of Emperor Palpatine.

Although the film won’t have as many explanations about the Joker’s return, fans have high hopes that the sequel will retain the quality and themes that made the Joker so successful.

Just add Danny Glover

JOKER 2 should be about Danny Glover trying to catch the Joker during a heat wave in Los Angeles, as well as the brewing war between Colombian and Jamaican cartels.

— Lon Harris (@Lons) June 7, 2022

@Lons suggested that the Joker sequel simply copied everything from Predator 2 starring Danny Glover, but this time replaced the Joker with Predator. Although the probability of this happening is zero, it is a reminder that Joker 2 is under pressure to meet or exceed the expectations set by the first film.

Predator 2 may be a cult classic among fans right now, but when it was first released, it was a big disappointment, following in the footsteps of Todd Phillips and company. will absolutely try to avoid entering.