The 10 Best TV Shows to Watch on Disney+ (updated August 2022)


This is a golden age for content creation, and many of the streamers currently competing for customers have worked very hard to make sure they have enough material to make the subscription worth it. Disney+ is leading the way, constantly releasing new series and adding new seasons to existing ones to make sure that everyone who craves something new will find something for themselves.

Updated by Guillermo Courten on July 26, 2022: the Disney+ TV catalog continues to be replenished with a huge amount of content released on the streamer over the past couple of months. Marvel Studios is preparing its next television venture, and Lucasfilm is finally starting to study one of the key characters of Rogue One.

Recently, a series of interesting documentary series has been released, in which some bright celebrities explore natural phenomena around the world.

Orville (seasons 1-3)

Despite the fact that the series began critically, the second and third seasons of “Orville” turned the series into a charming sci-fi parody comedy. Taking crisp pages from the classic Star Trek days, “Orville” follows Seth MacFarlane’s protagonist Ed Mercer and his crew aboard the titular spaceship as they encounter a series of colorful galactic adventures.

The second season and the third ongoing season were positively received due to the successful combination of comedy and drama based on character, as a result of which the main cast turned into characters worth tuning in to. New episodes are released on Thursdays on Hulu, and what has already been released will be added on Disney+ on August 10.

Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney (Episodes 1 and 2)

“Miss Marvel” from Marvel Studios has just ended, but the next episode is just around the corner in the form of “Hulk Woman: Sworn Lawyer”. The 9-episode series will follow Tatiana Maslany’s portrayal of Jennifer Walters/The Hulk Woman as she deals with life working as a lawyer while simultaneously being a hulk almost 7 feet tall.

Bruce Banner, played by Mark Ruffalo, returns to help his cousin control her abilities in this superhero-themed legal comedy. The recent trailer for Comic-Con in San Diego gave a fun new look at the show, as well as some of the MCU characters that fans are looking forward to along with the Hulk Woman. The premiere of the first episode will take place on August 17, and the second — on August 24.

Andor (Episodes 1 and 2)

“Rogue One: Star Wars. It was an emotionally thrilling tale of covert operations that became one of the biggest catalysts of the original trilogy.

Nevertheless, Lucasfilm’s Andor is ready to give a well-deserved study of the titular rebel Diego Luna. Considering that fans have already received the trailer, it looks like the series will bring an exciting flavor of the atmosphere of a spy thriller to a galaxy far, far away. On August 31, two episodes will premiere in Andor.

I am Groot (Episodes 1-5)

The long-awaited “Guardians of the Galaxy. 3 is a long time to wait, but fans can count on some one-off releases before its release on May 5, 2023. Before the upcoming holiday release, which will premiere in December this year, I Am Groot, created by Ryan Little, will try to draw attention to the fan favorite Baby Groot, who gets into colorful mischievous adventures in space.

The animated series will consist of 10 short—lived television series, the premiere of the first five episodes is scheduled for August 10, and the premiere of the last five – on an unknown date.

Miss Marvel

The current Marvel Studios series on Disney+ is Miss Marvel. The teenage superhero is quite unfamiliar with the very source material of the comics, and this live-action adaptation is designed to convey the tone of growing up and the story of Kamala Khan in the style of superheroes.

So far, “Miss Marvel” seems to have achieved just that: the first four episodes have been praised by critics for their sweet charm and charismatic debut performance of the young actress Iman Vellani. All episodes of the series are already being broadcast.

Marvel Studios assembled: The Creation of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

Along with the release of Marvel Studios blockbusters on television and in movies, the company also produces a series of behind-the-scenes specials about what goes into their creation. Since the film has been released in theaters and is available for streaming on Disney+, Marvel Studios has Assembled: The Making of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as the next documentary series.

The film received moderately positive reviews due to Sam Raimi’s characteristic directorial style and penchant for horror. The latest special documentary will feature interviews with Raimi himself, the cast of the film, as well as the film crew.


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