The 10 Best Teams Joined by the Hulk in the Comics


With his cousin about to enter the MCU in a Female Hulk, the big, green, evil hero known as the Hulk gets a chance to prove himself and team up with other heroes again. Throughout its existence in the comics, the Emerald Beast has been reluctant to join many different teams, be they good or bad.

From his legendary participation in The Avengers to the underrated Warbound squad, the Hulk has consistently found himself in several amazing teams. Although he has led many teams, only the best Hulk teams have stood the test of time and impressed readers.

Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Unlike other comic teams that quickly assemble and then disappear, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been a part of Earth’s history for millennia. Representing the Biblical horsemen of antiquity, each member symbolized a different element of recent times, and each was as frightening as the other.

When Apocalypse arrived in our time to fight the X-Men, he briefly recruited the Hulk to replace the fallen member. Acting as a symbol of War, the big green monster fought the Juggernaut and easily coped with it. Fortunately for the whole earth, the Hulk saw his mistake and left the team before he could cause too much damage.

The Pantheon

Debuting in the comics about the Incredible Hulk in the 90s, the Pantheon was founded by the demigod-half-Asgardian Agamemnon and has appeared from time to time since then. Having gathered the same demigods as himself, Agamemnon and his team often helped the Hulk in his adventures and even accepted the hero as their own.

As with many of the teams the Hulk is associated with, the green beast repeatedly fought with his friends, but also remained loyal to some extent. Although Hulk is not a god, his almost godlike powers have made him suitable for the group, and with him in their ranks, the Pantheon has become a force to be reckoned with.

Contenders of Destiny

Alternate universes are one of the best ways in which Marvel introduces new teams, and the Destiny Contenders were a dark mirror for the Fantastic Four of Earth—616. On Earth-111, the Challengers were formed by Dr. Doom after Latveria was destroyed in an attack.

As usual, featuring Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm, the odd couple also included Doom and the Hulk to round out the foursome. Although they only appeared in one short arc of the Fantastic Four comics, readers couldn’t help but speculate about the strange team. They have been shown to be extremely tough, and with the replacement of the Hulk with a Creature, they have greatly improved their strength.

Dark Ults

Like an alternate version of the Infinity Saga, the Battle on Earth-1610 once again showed that heroes and villains are fighting for Infinity Stones. The Ultimates were, in fact, a version of the Avengers of Earth-1610, and the Dark Ultimates, of course, were their opponent.

Freed from captivity by the mysterious Kang, the Hulk joined the Dark Ultimates and helped return many of the Stones from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Despite the fact that they were defeated in their mission, the unique composition of the team made them one of the most versatile superhero teams of all time.

Related to the war

The Hulk’s World War Arc is generally considered one of his best comic storylines, and after this story, the Hulk was on a mission of revenge. Having been exiled from earth by the Illuminati, Hulk gathers a team of refugees from the planet Sakaar, who help him take revenge on those who offended him.

All seasoned warriors, the stone creatures of Sakaar were perfect helpers for the big green monster. Unlike most teams that view the Hulk as a useful tool, the Warbound faction was led by the Hulk and treated him as an equal. Bound by a mutual desire for destructive revenge, there was little the Illuminati could do to stop them once they arrived on earth.

Space Avengers

Comic book teams often become strange neighbors, and groups created out of necessity can be even stranger. The Space Avengers were united by Loki in an attempt to prevent Gamora from destroying the entire universe.

The team was united by the fact that each member was strong enough to wield the Infinity Stone without being destroyed, and thus a disparate group of villains and heroes was born. The Hulk is usually the most powerful member of any team he’s on, but with players like Ms. Marvel and Adam Warlock, the team had its share of muscle.

The new Fantastic Four

The Hulk and the Fantastic Four go back to the comics, and the hero, filled with gamma radiation, has repeatedly fought with and against the team. However, when a New Fantastic Four was formed, the Hulk finally became a full member of it.