The 10 Best Star Wars Video Game Villains of All Time


With the release of “Star Wars: Hunters”, fans of the franchise have a lot of events in video games. Over the years, the “Star Wars” movies have given way to many wonderful video games that have introduced new interesting characters in the universe, especially villains.

From recognizable villains like Darth Vader to expanded universe legends like Admiral Thrawn, the Star Wars video game universe is a pathetic hive of scum and villains. Although many great thugs appeared in the games, the meanest of them made quite a strong impression on the players and became most of the Star Wars entourage.

Rilo Baruk (Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Rogue Jedi)

Most of the villains in Star Wars games are powerful Sith lords or dangerous bounty hunters, but Rilo Baruk turned out to be a simple but effective thug. The Rodian gangster was closely associated with Jabba the Hutt and greedily held his greedy fingers in several criminal cases until he encountered the Jedi Kyle Katarn in the game “Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Rogue”.

Providing muscle to the Dark Jedi faction of the Reborn Desanna Empire, Rielo Baruk even captured Lando Calrissian after Han Solo’s misadventure on Bespin. Although Rilo may not be the strongest villain, he stood out from the rest and showed a different dark side.

General Rom Mock (Star Wars: Dark Forces)

Although he is not one of the most famous villains General Rom Mohk was the antagonist in one of the best Star Wars games of all time. Mohk was a glorified Clone Wars veteran who joined the Empire and became obsessed with cybernetics.

As outlined in Dark Forces, Mohk’s desire to create the perfect soldier led him to create Dark Soldiers, and he even enlisted the support of Darth Vader. Although he was eventually defeated by Kyle Katarn, Mock almost used his new technology to defeat the young Jedi.

Dark Jedi Jherek (Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II)

Wearing sinister glasses, dark Jedi Jherek allowed himself to completely succumb to his dark impulses and become a heel. Jherek worked as a formidable inquisitor of the Empire and performed his duties with clinical precision bordering on obsession.

Jherek became the target of Kyle Katarn’s revenge after the Dark Jedi infiltrated the Valley of the Jedi in search of the power trapped in the valley. Jherek was a particularly ruthless villain who really showed the true evil of the dark side and the corrupting influence that absolute power can have on someone.

Boba Fett (Shadows of the Empire)

Having already established himself as one of the greatest Star Wars movie villains of all time, it’s only natural that bounty hunter Boba Fett made his way into video games. The notorious scoundrel was not the main opponent Shadows of the Empire, but played a truly memorable boss battle.

Dash Rendar’s hero is on his heels, and a sports villain with a jetpack is fighting on the landing pad and showing off his impressive arsenal of weapons. It was already shown earlier in the game that he defeated another bounty hunter, and although he was defeated by Rendar, he survived to fight another day.

Prince Xizor (Shadows of the Empire)

Few could have listened to Emperor Palpatine during the Galactic Civil War, but the Follin Prince Xizor was one of those people. Hungry for power in the Empire, Xizor devised a plan to kill Luke Skywalker in order to lower Vader’s authority and thus become the Emperor’s right-hand man.

What he didn’t count on was an attack by Dash Rendar, who was helped by several other famous heroes to save Princess Leia. Although he was a physically imposing specimen, Xizor’s real strength came from his wealth and connections, which could be as dangerous as any force user.

Inquisitorium (Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order)

While the Fallen Jedi Order has added a lot to the Star Wars canon, it has also helped bring previous characters and ideas to life in a more exciting way. After the Extermination of the Jedi, Darth Sidious founded the Inquisitorium as a group of ruthless evil Jedi tasked with tracking down the Jedi survivors of the massacre.

In Fallen Order, the hero Cal Kestis is being chased by the Inquisitor, and he must fight dangerous assassins to survive. Inquisitors were mostly turned to the dark side under torture, and this gave them an additional advantage when it came to carrying out their orders. Rather as a group than as a whole, when the Inquisitorius acted together, he posed an exceptionally deadly danger.

Darth Malgus (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

The heroes and villains of the Old Republic are legendary in the Star Wars fandom, and one of the most unique villains is certainly Darth Malgus.


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