The 10 best snake-like Pokemon in the ranking


In the second half of 2022, the long-awaited Pokémon Violet and Scarlet games for the Nintendo Switch will be released, whose fans are very enthusiastic about the new region and the upcoming completely new Pokemon designs. With over 900 current Pokemon, a variety of designs have impressed fans over the years, and many of these designs have been based on animals and creatures found in the real world.

Many of these animal-based Pokemon designs are considered some of the best in the franchise, and one of the animals that seems to have inspired a lot of Pokemon designs is a snake. Snake-inspired Pokemon bring some of the most beloved and nostalgic designs to the franchise, and there’s always a chance to see a new addition to this collective in Pokémon Violet & Scarlet.


Introduced in the original 1st generation Pokémon as a dual Rock/Ground type, Onix is one of the most nostalgic snake-like Pokémon designs that fans remember. Onyx is identified in Pokédex as the Pokemon of the stone snake and clearly meets this definition with its design.

The Onyx exterior is built from a large chain of stones resembling a giant snake with strong self-control. Onyx is also known for burrowing and tunneling underground, similar to the digging behavior seen in various snakes around the world. The powerful appearance of Onyx and the status of one of the first 151 Pokemon make it such a popular snake Pokemon among fans.


The Ekans, known as the Snake Pokemon, is a venomous type Pokemon introduced in the first generation. This is a bright purple Pokemon that significantly resembles both its venomous type status and its rattlesnake-inspired design.

Ekans is also well known for his snake behavior, which is often described in detail in his Pokédex entries. Ekans is one of the best Pokemon snakes both in design and behavior.


Silikobra is an Earth-type Pokemon introduced in the Galar region of the 8th generation. The Silikobra, known as the Sand snake Pokemon, shoots sand from its nostrils to blind opponents before burrowing underground to hide.

As can be seen from the name and design, Silicobra draws inspiration from the image of a cobra. The design of Silicobra is interesting to look at, but it doesn’t look too complicated or overloaded, with simple cobra-like elements and a brownish-brown color palette that indicates it belongs to earth. As a basic Pokemon, the Silikobra is also one of the smallest Snake Pokemon in existence, and fans usually like the attractiveness factor it gives to its frowning appearance.

Zygard 50% Form

Zygarde) is a legendary Pokemon of the Earth/Dragon double type, which appeared in the sixth generation of the Kalos region. This is a unique Pokemon created from collectible Zygard cells, which can change its shape between 10%, 50% and full. While his 10% Form clearly resembles a dog, and his Full Form is a defender figure, the 50% Form of the Zygard has obvious snake qualities.

Zygarde 50% is one of the most obscure snake Pokemon in existence, with a design with hexagonal patterns and a black and green color palette. It’s a snake environmentalist bringing a fresh concept to the franchise in both video games and anime. Thanks to the many interesting stories and knowledge that attract fans, Zygard is easily considered one of the greatest snake-like Pokemon and one of the coolest Ground-type Pokemon.


Arbok is a venomous type Pokemon introduced in the Kanto region of the 1st generation and is a developed form of Ekans. Arbok’s snake-inspired design is based on the image of a cobra and, like Ekans, has a bright purple color, which indicates its venomous type. Arbok is considered one of the strongest fully developed pure Poisonous types in existence, and its appearance in no way understates this power.

Although many fans like Ekans, Arbok offers a much more powerful, vibrant and intimidating design than its pre-evolution. He has a unique frightening face pattern on his chest, which he uses to scare enemies before squeezing them while they remain frozen in fear. Arbok uses all the interesting and frightening elements of real snakes and includes them in one of the best designs of snake-like Pokemon.


Sandaconda is a ground—type Pokemon from the Galar region of the 8th generation, an evolved form of Silikobra. Sandaconda, known for influencing Pokémon Sword and Shield as one of the Galarian Pokemon capable of Gigantamax, immediately became a fan favorite and is considered one of the strongest fully evolved Ground-type Pokemon.

The design of the Sandaconda is based on the anaconda and has a color palette consisting of classic earthy tones characteristic of most ground-type Pokemon.