The 10 Best Shows like the Coroner


At the moment there is no news about the confirmed 5th season of the coroner, but there is a possibility that the procedure will be extended for next year. The show is in many ways a traditional procedural, as it focuses on Jenny Cooper, a coroner who investigates many suspicious murders. While it’s obvious that much of the narrative in the series focuses on Cooper’s investigative prowess and the various cases she faces, it’s no less about her mental health and her various difficulties.

In this sense, it has a lot in common with many other procedural series that have been broadcast over the years, most of which managed to establish a similar balance between the procedural and psychological components of the story.

Prodigal Son (2019-2021)
Broadcast on HBO Max

One of the key things that makes Coroner so appealing is his ability to focus on both Cooper’s internal psychology and her various investigations. It’s also a balancing act that “Prodigal Son” performs quite deftly, focusing on an FBI profiler who uses the ideas of his serial killer father to solve crimes.

Although it follows a traditional procedural template, it is also largely dedicated to the main character Malcolm, who is struggling with the possibility of becoming the same person as his father.

Rizzoli and the Islands (2010-2016)
Broadcast on HBO Max

Although the procedural genre is usually very male-oriented, there are many TV series, such as The Coroner, in which the central female characters (this has been especially true in recent years). In this sense, it has a lot in common with “Rizzoli and Isles,” which focuses on the main characters, a detective and a forensic expert, who, although they differ greatly in their methods, find that they work very well together.

There is an incredible amount of chemistry between the two presenters, and it is their dynamics, as well as the real cases they reveal, that give the series a special appeal.

Body of Evidence (2003-2011)
Streaming on Hulu

As in the case of the coroner, Body of Proof is a series dedicated to a female medical expert who has to combine both her investigations and her personal life. In Body of Proof, this role is played by Megan Hunt. Like all good heroes of such series, she has to struggle both with her own motley past and with a difficult relationship with her daughter.

While sometimes affairs and personal drama can be a little predictable, the series manages to forge some fascinating connections between them, and that’s based on strong performances.

Vera (2011-present)
Streaming on the Roku channel

There have been many strong British crime dramas, and “Vera” is considered one of the best. As the name suggests, it focuses on the character of Vera, who hides an intelligent and insightful intellect under her disheveled appearance.

Like Coroner Cooper, she also has to contend with a lot of her own demons. It is the ability of the series to switch between these two registers that allows it to succeed and helps explain its enduring popularity among both British and American audiences.

Rosemary and thyme (2003-2007)
Streaming on the Roku channel

“Rosemary and Thyme” is another charming British TV series, and although it relies more on a more cozy aspect of the detective genre than “The Coroner”, it is still notable for starring two women who solve crimes together (respectively named Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme).

What makes the series so appealing is the emphasis on gardening and flowers. In fact, it is the combined love of the two characters for these things that allows them to solve the various murders they encounter during their adventures.

CSI (2000-2015)
Streaming on Hulu

Few procedural figures have reached such a level of influence as CSI. As the name suggests, it focuses on scientists who investigate crime scenes and use forensic data to detect criminals. With his brilliant production values and dynamic cast, he not only inspired his own franchise, but also influenced how the general public perceived criminal investigations and DNA evidence.

Given his attention to the process, it’s easy to see why this show will appeal to fans of the coroner.

Yazombi (2015-2019)
Streaming on Netflix

The CW has made many great series, but one of the best is “iZombie”. The series is dedicated to a woman who, having become a zombie, uses her ability to remember memories by eating the brain to solve crimes. Although it is more youth-oriented than “The Coroner”, it nevertheless manages to keep its comedic and dramatic elements in good tension, and it is notable for the fact that a woman plays the main role in it.

In addition, this is a fascinating look at the somewhat hackneyed image of a zombie, demonstrating that there is still a little life left in this figure.