The 10 Best Series Finales according to Ranker


In 2022, many cult TV shows ended, including the critically acclaimed crime thriller Ozark, a fantastic drama Legacy and Teen Comedy With love, Victor. And, as is the case with most series finales, the way the events were completed disappointed some fans.

However, not every television disappoints fans by presenting an unsatisfactory conclusion. There are a couple of series finales that are still considered iconic. But what are they like? Fans of different genres will have different answers, but, according to Ranker, there is a clear opinion about the best endings of the TV show.

Note. Rating lists are active and continue to gain votes, so some ratings may have changed after publication.

“I’m Ready” – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1990-1996)
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Since everyone is planning their future, the main character Will realizes that he has no plans of his own. Philip, the patriarch of the Banks family, also announces his intention to sell the family home.

In most TV series, the declaration of plans for the future by each main character always serves as an ideal confirmation that the end has really come. But what ultimately makes this particular finale golden is that it’s also a crossover episode. It’s a glorious moment for sitcom fans when Philip and Arnold Jackson from Diff’rent Strokes, as well as Louise and George from The Jeffersons, appear as interested home buyers.

“Meanwhile” — Futurama (1999 — 2013)
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Scientist Professor Farnsworth invents another invention — a button that allows someone to travel 10 seconds into the past in time. However, this complicates the planned wedding.

A wedding between two of the cutest Futurama characters is the perfect way to end the animated series. In addition, the episode gives fans everything they could have hoped for: a great ending to a love story, another major science-related plot, a small misfortune and the obligatory main death of one of the main characters.

“Good Night, Seattle” — Fraser (1993-2004)
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Radio psychiatrist Fraser Crane meets a random woman on a plane and tells her about his life. He is devastated that his beloved is moving to another city, but when the plane lands, it turns out that he was also heading to this city.

“Goodnight Seattle” works by making viewers feel sorry for the main character first before presenting an incredible twist. And the number of views of this episode serves as additional proof of how brilliant it was. It was watched by 33.7 million people, making it one of the most watched episodes of all time.

“Summary” – The Evening Show starring Johnny Carson (1962-1992)
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In the finale of the long-running late-night talk show, several highlights are broadcast. It takes quite a long time since the show lasted 3 decades.

It’s always a great idea for a popular science show to put together some of the best moments, as it reminds fans of how great the ride was. For such a long-running series, there is something to tell, but everything goes smoothly, because each episode has always been of high quality.

“Everything Good…” – “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987-1994)
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Starfleet officer Jean-Luc Picard travels between 3 time periods to deal with phenomena that could threaten the existence of humanity. Although his mission is full of difficulties, it was crowned with success.

Great endings have twists, and “All the Best…” has a main one, as it turned out that the entire mission was a test to determine Picard’s level of humanity. And mainly because of the good reception of the finale, “Star Trek” was able to move on to Hollywood blockbusters, which made it one of the TV shows with the most side effects.

“The Last One” – Friends (1994 – 2004)
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The two main characters make the long-awaited decision to revive their love. The other two adopt twins and decide to move to the suburbs.

Most shows challenge fans by giving them the opposite of what they wanted and hoping that discussing the direction of the plot will make the episode even more iconic. However, “The Last One” doesn’t complicate things by giving fans exactly what they wanted, namely a romantic reunion. Therefore, it is not surprising that he managed to attract 52.5 million viewers.

“The Last Newhart” — Newhart (1982 — 1990)
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A Japanese investor has announced plans to buy the entire queue and turn it into a world-class golf course. Later it turned out that it was just a dream.

The sign “it’s been a dream all along” may not work in our time, but in the 80s it was a perfect twist. But even though it’s just a dream, the finale serves as a moral tale that highlights the ugly side of greed, as well as the need to stand up for what you believe in.