The 10 best science fiction series on Amazon Prime Video


Science fiction series are increasingly popular on TV and streaming services. There are several excellent productions constantly emerging to the delight of fans of this genre.

Streaming Amazon Prime Video has proved to be a good stronghold of sci-fi series, which bring together several other subgenres. Be it comedy, drama, suspense and terror.

Are you looking for a series to watch online? Then, check out our list of the best science fiction series on Amazon Prime Video.

The Feed

The series shows a technology created in the near future that makes it possible to share memories, emotions and information with others. However, technology is now used to control the minds of individuals to commit murder.

Electric Dreams

Based on the tales of Philip K. Dick, creator of Blade Runner, the series is an anthology in the style of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, which shows some questions about how technology can impact – often negatively – people’s lives.


Upload is a mix of sci-fi with sitcom and also brings a story in the near future, in which a technology was developed so that people, instead of dying, can “upload” their conscience on a server to have a virtual life your choice.

Tales From The Loop

Tales From The Loop starred Oscar nominee Jonathan Pryce and is based on the art book of the same name, by Simon Stålenhag. The series tells the story of a small town that begins to experience strange events in the region from an installation known as “The Loop”.

Star Trek: Picard

The series marks Patrick Stewart’s return to the iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard, showing the events in the life of the Federation captain after he retired. Great for fans of the Star Trek franchise.

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Orphan Black

The plot of Orphan Black follows Sarah Manning, who ends up assuming the identity of a clone of hers who committed suicide. Shortly thereafter, she discovers the existence of several other clones, which takes her on a journey to discover the secrets of a mysterious project.

Mr. Robot

The award-winning Amazon series tells the story of a group of hacker activists called “fsociety”, which struggles to bring down a corrupt system. At the center of the story are Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) and cybersecurity engineer Elliot Anderson (Rami Malek).


This is an animated psychological comedy from the creators of Bojack Horseman. The story is about a woman named Alma, who discovers her time-controlling powers. She decides to investigate her father’s death, but over time she comes to understand that there are many other layers in her psyche besides the powers over time.

The Expanse

Taken as one of the best series of the genre today, The Expanse shows the conflict generated after humanity expanded throughout the solar system. The series began as an original from the TV channel Syfy and was later acquired by Amazon.

The Man In The High Castle

Another series based on a book by Philip K. Dick. Here, an alternative reality is shown, in which Nazism wins World War II, and the USA ends up being controlled by both German and Japanese forces. Thus, it is up to a resistance group to try to save the country from Nazi control.


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