The 10 best recruiting classes of college football for the 2023 cycle


The last few days (even hours) have changed the picture of college enrollment for the 2023 cycle.

Last week, we saw Ohio State pick three of the top 10 recipients in the recruiting class. Then, on Thursday, the biggest recruitment bombshell in 20 years occurred when Arch Manning announced his commitment to Texas.

The end result is a rather drastic change in the college enrollment rankings. Some of the usual suspects are acting slowly and steadily, while a few unexpected ones are starting to show up as leaders.

Perhaps the biggest surprise right now is that Notre Dame is leading with its 15 recruits, 13 of whom have four stars or higher.

Here are the Top 10 Classes to Enroll in the Class of 2023 right Now (via 247Sports):

Notre Dame, Ohio, Clemson, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas Institute of Technology, Cincinnati, Northwest, USA, Arkansas.

As we all know, ratings like this can vary a lot depending on how many newcomers some other teams become.

For example, Alabama and Michigan have only 12 recruits, and they are still among the top 40. By the time they fill their class, they will probably soar into the top ten, and maybe even the top five.

Will any of these recruiting class rankings be the same by the time all classes are completed?