The 10 Best Pixar Adult Movies according to Reddit


After years of work, Pixar recently announced this summer that the project they are working on (due out in 2023) is a fun, instructive film about the elements called “Elemental.”

While many assume that Disney and Pixar films are aimed at children, films such as the upcoming “Elemental”, “Puzzle” and “Wall-I” have proven the opposite. When it comes to Pixar, storytelling through animation has no age range, because the lessons and messages in each film can be applied to both adult life and the life of a child. This fact has been defended countless times on Reddit, as Reddit users have shared the best Pixar movies that adults gravitate towards.

Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille is a charming story about an aspiring chef named Linguini and a rat named Remy, who had undeniable culinary abilities.

Despite the fact that a talking rat is involved here, PressFToHideSadness told Reddit that this is an amazing movie for adults to watch. Having fallen in love with storylines as children, they realized how important it is now that they have become adults. “Now I understand that Ratatouille is an incredible thing for adults to watch, and I recommend that all of you guys watch it, as if you paid attention to some things in it, you realized that it’s incredibly adult and touching.” Knowing the adult nuances, it would be interesting to see “Ratatouille” as a feature film.

Luke (2021)

Pixar’s Luca has incredible animation and visual effects, as the film was set on the Italian Riviera. The coming-of-age film showed what life was like for Luca and his friend Alberto, who were both sea monsters and dreamed of what life on land would be like. When Luka realized that his fins had turned into legs as soon as he reached the ground, a whole new world opened up in front of him.

Compared to the old Pixar films, Luca got quite high scores on Rotten Tomatoes and is loved by adults as well as children. Redditor _MollyCaitlin wrote: “I really liked Luka! I watched it after the child appeared here, and I wasn’t ready for how emotionally he would call me. But Habs and I are both delighted!” Some Reddit users began to follow Pixar more closely after they had children, and realized that some, including Luka, perceive adults differently.

Coco (2017)

Coco was an incredible film that showed the beauty of Mexican culture and how they honor loved ones who crossed the border. Miguel was a little boy who loved music, and was confused when his household banned it. His love of music led him on a wild trip to the Land of the Dead, where he learned more about his family. There were dark elements in the film, but the message was deep.

Lohipe told Reddit: “Coco IS SO GOOD! Also a great message. He discusses death in a way that is neither sad nor scary.” HDBaker009 agreed, but mentioned that it’s a Disney movie that can make viewers cry at how emotional it can seem.

WALL-I (2008)

The action of WALL-I takes place in the future, after the last robot on Earth, a lift for the distribution of Earth-class waste, also known as WALL-I. As the last remaining robot, he spent days clearing piles of garbage left by humans on the now barren planet. Wall-I didn’t communicate like other Pixar movie characters, but his facial expression and a few words spoke volumes.

In the end, Wall-I fell in love with another robot and went into space to find her and express his love. This is an emotional Disney/Pixar movie that the audience didn’t expect. Wall-I has a dark subtext, but the message about how people relate to the planet was important. TastyMagic wrote why they loved this movie so much as adults: “My child is now 4 years old, and he still gets a little nervous when someone is in danger. Wall-E is a favorite because the “bad guy” is a faceless corporate automaton, not a scary monster.”

The Toy Story Franchise

The first Toy Story was released in 1995, and the world fell in love with the story of animated toys. The connection between Woody, Buzz and their man Andy was clear to viewers who were also attached to their children’s toys. The film had three sequels, the last of which was Toy Story 4.

Kmconda shed light on why the Toy Story franchise was their favorite, even when they were adults. “Give me ALL the movies from Toy Story! I was born in 86, so I’m a little older than you, but these are the first films I plan to watch with my girl (she’s only 6 weeks old!). They are cute and funny and for adults… and nothing terrible/ no real “villain”, except, you know… growing up.” Ever since the Lightyear spin-off came out this summer, fans have been talking about other minor characters in Toy Story who also deserve their spin-off.

Soul (2020)

Soul had a deep message, which DkootersMom called “the best Pixar movie.” “Soul” was different from any other film because it delved into the complex concept of life before earth and life after death in the spiritual world.


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