The 10 Best Movie Soundtracks according to Reddit


Soundtracks for musical films, such as the famous 90-year-old veteran John Williams, honored for his achievements on June 23, have the ability to imagine the unimaginable. Orchestral music is a key component of any film. Good film music can influence people’s emotions, making them laugh, cry or almost fall off the chair from excitement and anticipation.

Some people were afraid to go into the water after watching Jaws, so they stayed on the beach and hummed the theme instead. Others believed they could be wizards when Harry Potter’s musical score transported them to Hogwarts.

Man of Steel (2013)
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Superman is perhaps the most famous comic book superhero of all time. Zack Snyder decided to remake the character in Man of Steel, and while some fans disagreed with the much darker tone, many still liked Hans Zimmer’s music.

The assessment actually surprised the Reddit user trylobyte. They state: “I like the dichotomy between the cosmic dramatic sci-fi sound of aliens and the marching drums in country style, soft piano, the sound of steel pedal guitar. It was perfect for Clark Kent/Superman-a man of two worlds.” The music highlights the choice Clark must make: to lay low, as suggested by his adoptive father Jonathan Kent, or to help the Earth work miracles, as his real father Jor-El urged him.

Interstellar (2014)
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Hans Zimmer’s music is as grandiose in scale as Interstellar itself, which is perfect for a film about the expansion of the Universe by man. As fryingpan16 notes, “Zimmer and Nolan chose church organs as their primary instrument because they wanted it to sound different than in other sci-fi films that predominantly use synthesizers and the like.”

This is certainly evident in the tracks “Chasing the Cornfield” and “No Time for Caution”. The scenes themselves are great, but the organs used in the score really enhance the urgency and drama, keeping the audience on their toes.

The Last of the Mohicans (1992)
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Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman wrote the music for Michael Mann’s borderline film, which starred Daniel Day-Lewis. Although the film was not nominated for Best soundtrack, it won the Academy Award for Best Sound.

However, Redditor ml9mm notes that “The Last of the Mohicans” is the best soundtrack to the film. It reflects the harshness and beauty of the American frontier, and there is even an American Indian influence in the score. The juice that Promentory pumps into the final scene of the chase on the cliff makes the audience cheer for the heroes with every step they take.

Gladiator (2000)
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Ridley Scott’s Roman epic of revenge won five Oscars, including for Best Film and Best Actor. Hans Zimmer was nominated for the breathtaking music for the film.

Redditor Snaveekim lists Gladiator among his favorite movie soundtracks, and AnxiousQuilter agrees, saying that one particular track stood out from the rest: “Now We Are Free is just breathtaking.” This part replays the last moments of the film, where Maximus defeated Commodus, freed his fellow gladiators and reunited with his family in Elysium. Other notable tracks include “Battle”, “Earth” and “Barbarian Horde”, which perfectly complement the emotional scene of the first disclosure of Maximus and Commodus.

Jurassic Park (1993)
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John Williams has been captivating the public with his music for more than 60 years, whether it’s aliens, wizards or, in this case, dinosaurs. In Jurassic Park, Williams managed to convey surprise, excitement and fear, which took 65 million years to create.

Everyone knows the soundtrack that plays in a helicopter on the way to Isla Nublar, but Reddit users Dritbrukernavn and cbfw86 agree that there is another one that deserves more recognition. “The main theme with the horn at the beginning is phenomenal. Really reflects the magic and wonder of pure imagination.” This was exactly what Steven Spielberg was aiming for — what would it feel like if dinosaurs walked among people. Some dinosaurs even have their own themes, including the deadly velociraptor.

The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012)
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Just like what Zack Snyder did to Superman, Christopher Nolan did to Batman. Nolan grounded Batman and gave his films a much darker, realistic tone, far from the stupidity of his predecessors.

Redditor funnypilgo definitely believes that the Dark Knight trilogy should be included among the best movie soundtracks. Zimmer’s music perfectly matches the main theme of each film. For example, the two-note Batman theme in “Batman: The Beginning” symbolizes hope versus fear. The audience gets uncomfortable when the theme of the Joker’s anarchy sounds in “The Dark Knight”. The use of Bane’s vocals instilling “hope” in “The Dark Knight Rises” is brilliant.