The 10 Best Marvel Characters Who Debuted in the Avengers Comics


While the Avengers are known for their iconic characters like Captain America and Iron Man, the Avengers comics have created many more of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains. Whether they fought for or against Earth’s most powerful heroes, many of the best characters who debuted in the books later became regular contributors to the Marvel universe.

From famous X-Men like Rogue to dastardly villains like Ultron, Avengers comics have always been fertile ground for memorable characters. While many characters debuted in comics, only the best grew out of the Avengers and became independent stars.

The Collector (Avengers # 28)

The Collector was a minor villain in the Marvel universe until he made his MCU debut in Thor: Dark World. An alien obsessed with the possession of important artifacts, a man known as a Collector, often did everything possible to steal something or someone for his museum.

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Originally debuting against the Avengers in 1966, the Collector attempted to collect a Wasp before incurring the wrath of Earth’s most powerful heroes. After his fights with the Tanlir super team, Tivan became a frequent guest of villains in the Marvel universe, and for many years he tried to collect heroes like the Hulk. Although he’s not Marvel’s most powerful villain, his crafty desire to collect has made him a sneaky enemy.

Nebula (Avengers # 257)

As one of Thanos’ daughters, Nebula has become unshakable, and her main goal is to eliminate her sister Gamora. Although Nebula was an integral part of the storyline¬†Infinity Gloves in the 80s, she didn’t become an independent character until she encountered the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Debuting in the aforementioned Thanos storyline in 1985, Nebula’s lust for power took on almost Shakespearean proportions as she planned the death of her more beloved sister. Equipped with cybernetic enhancements, Nebula proved to be a worthy opponent, and her ruthlessness made her even more dangerous. For years, facing off against heroes like Nova and Silver Surfer, any Marvel space hero couldn’t help but face Nebula’s wrath.

Baron Zemo (Avengers #6)

Baron Zemo was one of the first main villains to oppose the Avengers, but in the mid-1960s he quickly integrated into the Marvel universe as one of their main villains. Born in Germany and Baron of the House of Zemo, his sinister chronology closely resembled that of Captain America during World War II.

Although the original Zemo was eventually defeated by the superhero team, his son Helmut Zemo assumed his father’s former mantle and continued to be a thorn in Cap’s side. Super smart and not prone to normal aging, Zemo’s evil intentions knew no bounds. Somewhat little-known for many years, Zemo eventually made his MCU debut, and this revived interest in studying the character from the comics.

The Overseer (Avengers # 195)

With his skull-like face and incredible fighting abilities, Taskmaster turned out to be a terrifying opponent in the entire Marvel universe. A former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who took up mercenary work, Anthony Masters found that he could imitate the abilities of anyone he fought.

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Taskmaster briefly battled the Avengers in his debut, but soon became a regular suspect in Marvel’s thick gallery of crooks. Since then, Taskmaster has become one of Spider-Man’s most frequent sparring partners, and Marvel has continued to explore the dark and tragic backstory of the Master. While he’s certainly not a terrific supervillain, Taskmaster has nevertheless been involved in many wonderful storylines.

Valkyrie (Avengers # 83)

The heroine, known as Valkyrie, had one of the strangest debuts in Marvel history when she initially formed a female supergroup in the Avengers comics. Although fans thought they were meeting a new hero, Valkyrie turned out to be a Charmer who simply posed as her.

Despite this strange beginning, the real Valkyrie eventually appeared and turned out to be an Asgardian like Thor. Possessing all the same godlike powers as her fellow Asgardians, Valkyrie joined Marvel’s other leading team, the Defenders, and became one of the first members of the group.

Kang the Conqueror (Avengers #8)

Coming from an alternate timeline where he was the supreme ruler of Earth, the villain known as Kang the Conqueror also coveted power on Earth-616. Although Kang was originally the only villain, Kang’s fascinating story and sinister plan meant that he couldn’t stay away from the Marvel universe for too long.

Appearing on stage back in the eighth issue of The Avengers in 1964, Kang’s powers were provided with futuristic armor that allowed him to threaten the superhero team. He was defeated, but soon returned, becoming one of the most dangerous inspirers who ever graced the pages of magazines.