The 10 Best Horror Games for Players Who Aren’t Afraid


Despite the fact that modern games such as Resident Evil: Village pushes the boundaries of the horror genre in frightening new directions, some gamers have thick skin over the years of playing terrifying games. However, some games do their best to scare the coolest players.

From slasher-inspired masterpieces like “Before Dawn” to supernatural horrors like P.T., the game world has found many ways to get users to the bone. Although there are many great horror games out there, only a few of them were scary enough to scare even seasoned veterans.

Devotion (2019)

Relying heavily on Taiwanese culture, Devotion avoided action in favor of atmospheric cold. The game tells the story of a struggling screenwriter who explores his apartment complex representing different years of his life in the 1980s.

Mostly based on puzzles, the user navigates through a twisty narrative world and slowly begins to approach the shocking conclusion of the game. Many gamers have fought hordes of zombies or other terrifying monsters, but “Devotion” drew its horror from the internal struggle and is creepy enough to scare even the most avid player.

Layers of Fear (2016)

Despite the fact that Layers of Fear is an indie game, it quickly gained a reputation for being scarier than well–known games such as Resident Evil. The user controls an unnamed artist who slowly succumbs to delirium while trying to complete his magnum opus.

Through hallucinations, the player learns the confusing backstory of the character, and each new detail makes the game even more frightening. Instead of the usual actions, the user explores the world and solves puzzles to move further along the plot. While it has a fair share of screamers, the real horror comes from a distorted perspective that takes the user by surprise everywhere.

Until Dawn (2015)

Although fast events are usually an extremely unpopular style of play, “Before Dawn” has upgraded the mechanics and made it work for its terrifying purposes. After the mysterious death of one of their friends, a group of comrades returns to the hut, where they had a chance to investigate and reconnect. While there, a series of strange events begins to kill them one by one.

Inspired by classic horror movies like The Sinister Dead, the game is similar to the scariest movies of the 1980s. Evolving from a slasher to something much more terrifying, the branched narrative of the game allows you to get dozens of potential impressions, depending on how well the user plays. With so many options, there are an almost infinite number of ways the game can scare its players.

Silent Hill 2 (2001)

Despite the fact that the game is more than twenty years old, Silent Hill 2 is still a rare company among other terrifying games. James Sunderland receives a strange letter from his late wife and returns to the mysterious town of Silent Hill to get to the bottom of the note.

Despite the limitations of technology in the early 2000s, the game is nevertheless an atmospheric masterpiece. The town of Silent Hill itself is similar to the character, and the fog-soaked surroundings seem to close in around the player as he is drawn into the game. The game has a contemplative edge, which is usually disrupted by shocking moments of action that always keep the user on their toes.

Amnesia: Dark Descent (2010)

Helplessness is the name of the Amnesia game: The Dark Descent, and the game robs the user of power, which makes it even more terrifying. In the 1800s, a man wakes up in a mysterious castle overrun by strange monsters. He must pass through the castle to destroy Baron Alexander.

Unable to fight back, the player must dodge monsters stealthily or simply by running away. In addition to the usual health meter, the player must also maintain his sanity score, which is depleted due to the fact that he witnessed terrible events and was in the dark for too long. The creepy Gothic layout of the game is unique to games, and the complete helplessness makes the game incredibly frightening.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017)

The Resident Evil franchise has terrified gamers for decades, and Biohazard has gone through another transformation of the series. Ethan Winters is attracted to a mysterious plantation by his missing wife, and then he is captured by the strange inhabitants of the house.

Unlike the two previous installments, the seventh game focused less on action than on the first-person exploration aspects that the series was known for. With a much weaker protagonist, the player’s experience becomes more challenging and frightening. Even though this marked a change, Biohazard is generally considered one of the best games of the Resident Evil franchise.