The 10 best films similar to “Bubble”


Judd Apatow’s newest comedy film is coming out this week, but there are already many other similar films to watch.

This week, “Bubble” finally hits Netflix with an amazing cast list that’s ready to deliver laugh after laugh. The story follows the production of the film, where there are quarantine restrictions, constant pressure and hilariously unexpected comedic moments.

If you want more Bubble magic even after the movie ends, look no further, because there are plenty of other features that are sure to cause the same itch on this list. Although not all of them are dedicated to filming, all of them will surely make you laugh at least a few times.

Ed Wood (1994) – available on YouTube

This Johnny Depp movie reflects the eccentric life of the real Hollywood director Ed Wood as he tries to shoot his low-budget films with the help of his buddy Bela Lugosi. It’s written in black and white, but Ed Wood’s stringy middle is lighthearted by nature.

The “Bubble” has the same realistic ode to filmmaking as this film, because it is connected to real stories and events that affect the great entertainment industry. Also, both have an equally sentimental core, as do their respective directors Tim Burton and Judd Apatow.

The Interview (2014) – Available on Hulu

“The Interview” has become one of the most controversial films of 2014, as it tells about a talk show host and his producer who travel to North Korea to interview Kim Jong-un and become part of a secret US plot to assassinate the leader. A lot of what Franco and Rogen’s characters do in this movie is funny, but it’s also because they know they need to take this interview seriously.

Like The Bubble, this film is about show business and the fact that the show must go on no matter how stressful the circumstances become. Not to mention the fact that Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” has a lot of comedies and an amazing final performance.

Don’t Look Up (2021) — available on Netflix

The film “Don’t Look Up” was nominated for an Oscar this year, and, like in “Bubble,” it has a composite cast list featuring celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Timothy Chalamet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The film tells about a group of scientists from Michigan who discover a comet that will collide with Earth and cause an extinction-level event.

What makes this movie so much like a “Bubble” is the fact that it has a good mix of drama and comedy, and it also puts together a message that really touches on our struggle today, whether it’s COVID or a lack of unity in the fight against something that will cause our extinction, such as change climate.

Funny People (2009) – available on YouTube

“Funny People” tells about a comedian who finds out that he has a terminal illness and decides to mentor a young comedian who is trying to restore order in his life, but suddenly goes into remission.

This is another Judd Apatow film, which involves wonderful characters, including Maude Apatow and Leslie Mann, who also play in The Bubble. The film is tonally very similar to “Bubble”, and both of them have artistic qualities, because they have the same director.

Pregnant (2007) – available on Hulu

“A Little Pregnant” is about a woman who gets pregnant from one-night stand and gives a slacker father a chance to prove that he wants to participate in their child’s life. This is a comedy film that tells about the vicissitudes of ordinary life that can change two people for the better.

“A Little Pregnant” is another Judd Apatow film, which is largely based on his own life experience, and it has the same unexpectedly funny comedic tone as “Bubble.” Although it’s not such a fast-paced story, it’s cute and truthful.

The Disaster Artist (2017) — available on Netflix

The Disaster Artist is a retelling by the Franco brothers about how Tommy Viso came to create The Room, one of the most popular cult films that ever existed. They were even able to use the help of Tommy himself to bring the plot of the film to life.

This movie is like a “Bubble” because it’s also about trying to make a movie, even if it seems like an impossible task. With that said, this movie is certainly a little more obscene, and at times it can just be weird as it tries to capture the process of making a Wiseau movie.

TV Presenter (2004) — available on Amazon Prime

The host follows Ron Burgundy, a news reporter who is concerned that his new female colleague is getting more attention than him. This funny comedy involves a lot of wonderful actors who do and say the most ridiculous things to make the audience burst out laughing.

This movie is like a “Bubble” because it’s about TV stars, albeit smaller ones, who constantly fight and quarrel, even when cameras are working in their studio. In general, this is a great film that tells about the same struggle to calm down different big personalities and make them behave on the set.