The 10 Best Comics from Deadpool creator Fabian Nicieza


With the addition of property previously owned by Fox, everything is fine with comic ownership as Marvel Studios looks to bring mainstays like the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Deadpool to the entertainment giant MCU. Many believe that the upcoming “Deadpool 3″ starring Ryan Reynolds gives Kevin Feige and the company a great opportunity to showcase the newly acquired “X” objects in this multibillion-dollar franchise.

As one of the most popular Marvel Comics superheroes, Deadpool first appeared in 1991 as a co-author of the famous writer and editor Fabian Nicieza. Since his first comic Psi-Force #9 (1987), an American of Argentine descent, Niceza has developed his writing style, working on such notable titles as X-Men, Blackburn Covenant, Gambit, etc. Charming fans for more than three decades with memorable characters and comics, here are the best of Niceza.

New Warriors # 1 (1990)

This eponymous series features characters first introduced in The Mighty Thor #411-412 (1989). Combining sharp Night Thrasher with Firestar, Marvel Boy, Namorita, Nova and Speedball, New Warriors will fight many threats before and after the tragic events in Stamford, Connecticut, forever changing the public’s views on this complex team of superheroes.

Recognizing the value, Nicheza writes the first 53 issues of this series, which, in his opinion, contain some of his best works (according to PopImage via Wayback Machine). Here, discerning readers will begin to recognize the theme in choosing a Niche for screenwriting, which seems to be aimed at preserving the potential that all comic characters should bring to the story something unique. From Gambit to Superboy, Nichesa invariably brings out the best characters he writes, and it all started here, with the New Warriors #1.

New Mutants # 98 (1991)

This vintage comic, steeped in nostalgia for the 90s, serves as the reader’s first acquaintance with Deadpool, Domino and the Outer Gideon. Catching up with Cable after being hired by Mr. Tolliver, Deadpool gets in the way of Domino, revealing little about Deadpool other than the sociable dark humor pouring endlessly from his mouth and his huge mercenary skills.

Demonstrating an understanding of the reading audience, Nichesa shows her time spent marketing for Marvel, while simultaneously introducing the Wolverine type with a black sense of humor and establishing the relationships built in the upcoming X-Force series. In addition, in particular, the first meeting of Cable, Deadpool and Domino, a trio already represented in “Deadpool 2” (2018), the relevance of which remains in Marvel today.

Red Robin, Tom. 3: Execution List (2011)

The Hit List will collect issues # 13-17 Red Robin (2009) and will intertwine the story of Timothy Drake growing up, not being a meta-human, when he decides to fight crime as Red Robin. In an effort to keep an eye on Gotham after Batman’s death at the hands of the great DC villain Darkseid, Drake makes a list of villains to detain in this magnificent series that gives an idea of the most forgotten Robins and demonstrates Drake’s true value to the bat family. .

Masterfully staged action sequences emphasize thoughtful dialogue, emphasizing Drake’s maturity and growth as he tries to determine his place in Gotham while waiting for the Dark Knight to return. Perhaps Nisieza’s best work at DC Comics and the proper removal of Tim Drake before the New 52 initiative zeroed in on DC’s continuity.

Deadpool: Circular Chase #1-4 (1993)

The first solo series for Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool, details the backstory of his ties to Weapon X with the appearance of Wade’s obsessive ex Vanessa “Wannabe” Carlisle, his best friend Lasky and Slayback killer. “Circular Chase” is a four–part excursion into the depths of tragedy and comedy, giving a fundamental idea of the “Big D.P.”.

In his first limited solo series, Scribe Nichesa gives the floor to a Mercenary, masterfully using wit and comedy to fill Wade with the snarky dialogues and eccentric humor that have become the character’s calling card. Overflowing with comedic references that have not escaped the attention of readers, Chase offers comic book fans his first extended story about the “Measure with a Mouth”, allowing Nichese to understand who Deadpool is as a character and what he hopes for in relation to this character in the future.

X-Men Without Limits # 3 (1993)

An early look at the traditional X-Men antagonist Sabretooth, still reeling from the loss of his telepathic partner Birdie at the hands of his son Graydon. Unable to stop his bloody rampage, former teammate Maverick hires the Beast of the X-Men, Bishop, Gambit, Rogue and Professor Xavier to stop Sabretooth.

In this sequel to Sabretooth’s first solo series, Niciesa guides readers through a trip to the bloodbath that is savage Sabretooth, giving an insight into the brutality he has been subjected to and the legitimacy of his infamous reputation.