The 10 best characters who debuted in the comics about Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange has been around almost since the beginning of Marvel comics. When Marvel started producing superhero comics, the company acquired titles such as Strange Tales. In issue #101, Marvel began introducing the book to superheroes, and Doctor Strange first appeared in issue #110. This title changed its name to “Doctor Strange” in the 169th issue and introduced fans to mystical characters from all realms of the universe.

Both in the Strange Tales series and in later versions of the Doctor Strange comics, Stephen Strange befriended some iconic allies, traveled to other dimensions to meet some legendary characters, and created his own gallery of interesting scammers. Although most of the characters featured in the Doctor Strange comics were based on magic and mysticism, some have moved on to bigger and better things over time.

Wong (Strange Tales Vol 1 #110)

In the very first appearance of Doctor Strange in Marvel comics, his loyal and longest-standing ally also made his first appearance. It was Wong, who at the time was a version of Strange Alfred from the Batman comics. Although he was not given a name when he first appeared, he stood the test of time.

Wong’s original origin was that he was one of a long line of his family to serve the Ancient, Supreme Wizard of Earth. When Strange took over this role, Wong began to serve him. Wong recently finally left Strange after a controversy in the comics, and Wong plays an important role in the MCU as he has been the Supreme Wizard since the post appeared.

Nightmare (Strange Tales Vol 1 #110)

The first villain Doctor Strange fought in his comics was a mystical villain who also stood the test of time. It was a nightmare. In his first adventure as a Master of Black Magic, Strange decided to help a man who is tormented by nightmares, and found out that the villain was a Nightmare, one of his old enemies.

In Marvel comics, Nightmare rules the Realm of Nightmares in the Dimension of Dreams and is widely considered one of the most powerful magical creatures in the Realms of Splinter. Nightmare has become one of Strange’s most enduring villains, but has also fought other heroes over the years, including Spider-Man, Black Panther, Moon Knight, and many others. There are rumors that he will be a villain in the upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns video game.

Baron Mordo (Strange Tales Vol 1 #111)

Baron Mordo has been Doctor Strange’s main enemy for most of his existence, and he essentially debuted in the second issue of Doctor Strange comics, Strange Tales #111. In this issue, it was revealed that Doctor Strange trained Mordo many years ago, and now the Baron has returned to take his place as the most powerful wizard on Earth.

Mordo is still considered one of Strange’s most important villains, having appeared in both of his MCU films to date. Mordo was a key antagonist and sometimes a reluctant ally of Strange, showing how powerful he is as a magician in the world of Doctor Strange.

Clea (Strange Tales Vol 1 #126)

In Strange Tales #126, Doctor Strange met his most powerful villain and his most beloved ally. The ally was Clea, the daughter of the demonic Dormammu. In this issue, the Ancient One sends Strange to the Dark Dimension to prevent Dormammu from crossing, and that’s where he meets Clea.

At the time, he didn’t know about Clea’s relationship with Dormammu, but soon she decided to travel with Strange and leave her world. In the end, Clea left Doctor Strange comics for a long time when he erased his existence from her memory, but recently she returned and became the new Supreme Wizard in Marvel Comics, showing her great importance in the universe.

Dormammu (Strange Tales Vol 1 #126)

Doctor Strange had never faced someone as powerful as Dormammu before he decided to fight him in Strange Tales #126. Dormammu is the Lord of the Dark Dimension and he has always dreamed of crossing and conquering the universe. Strange’s job has always been to stop him.

This was the main plot of the first Doctor Strange movie, as Dormammu always used other characters to make his move. Throughout the history of Marvel Comics, there has never been such a dangerous antagonist as Dormammu for Dr. Stephen Strange.

Eternity (Strange Tales Vol 1 #138)

There have been many hints of older space creatures in Marvel comics. Whether in “Eternal” or in the trailers of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, it seems that “Eternal”, “Living Tribunal” and others can get into the MCU. They originally appeared in the Doctor Strange comics, where Eternity appeared first.

In his first appearance, his strength was shown when Doctor Strange asked for his help in defeating Dormammu, and Eternity told Strange that he was strong enough to win alone. The only being more powerful than Eternity is the Living Tribunal, but it appears only when the entire universe is in danger.