The 10 best characters of the Spider-Man universe from Sony according to Reddit


The recent re-release of Morbius has solidified the film as the weakest entry so far into Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, but the poor critical and financial performance of the movie hasn’t held the studio back as Sony plans to release Kraven The Hunter (January 13th) and Madame Web (June 7th) in 2023. That will only continue to expand the universe.

As Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is hoping to be the next great superhero movie franchise, many characters have been introduced in the film franchise so far that fans absolutely love, and some of these fans have taken to Reddit to declare which of these characters is the best.


Morbius got bashed by fans and critics alike due to its unstructured story and lifeless performances. However, the central antagonist of the film Milo, played by actor Matt Smith, was a high point for many fans.

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Redditor Mrsis74838 thought the character was a breath of fresh air for the film as they claim, “Matt Smith’s performance was really fun” and the scene with Milo dancing for a minute straight actually garnished some laughs from the audience. Although Milo would end up being killed in the climax of the film, he was definitely one of the best characters not just in Morbius but also in all of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.


As one of the strongest and most ruthless villains in Marvel comics, Carnage’s big-screen debut in Venom: Let There Be Carnage was much anticipated by fans and lived up to the hype. His character in the film may not have been as fleshed out, but Redditor dsheilley argues, “Carnage is fun because he’s a mass murderer wearing a blood red, living suit and calls himself Carnage.”

The cool power set of Carnage along with the ruthlessness of the red villain made for a fun villain who audiences can enjoy rooting against, causing Carnage to arguably be the best villain in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe thus far.

Dan Lewis

While fans may not have been too fond of the character during his first appearances in Venom, Dan Lewis grew on audiences and was a highlight in Venom: Let There Be Carnage as he had many jokes that reflected the viewers’ thoughts during the film.

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The dynamic between him and Eddie could’ve been one of bitterness and hate as Dan dates Eddie’s ex-girlfriend Anne Weying, but one Redditor likes how he is so distinct from Eddie, acclaiming how Dan Lewis was an “incredibly nice and friendly guy, wasn’t the slightest bit jealous upon meeting Eddie for the first time” which makes the character very enjoyable to watch.


Fans of Venom were really excited to see the titular character display his extraordinary strength on the big screen, but one of the film’s most surprising moments came when the symbiote was briefly attached to Anne Weying and formed the character known as She-Venom.

Fans such as imdrunkontea loved this character as “the venom side contrasts so well with her personality” and the character design makes for a cool but nonetheless terrifying creature. Although She-Venom’s appearance in Venom was short, it was enough to leave her mark as one of the best characters in the film.

Cletus Kasady

When it was teased at the end of Venom that Woody Harrelson was playing the role of Cletus Kasady (aka Carnage) fans were excited to see him in the unhinged type of role that he is known for. Cletus Kasady provided the perfect type of chaotic foil to Eddie Brock and AtukBaetho claims that “Woody Harrelson did an amazing job playing the character.”

Despite the iffy writing of the character, Harrelson gives his all in his performance as Cletus Kasady and his convincing effort as a sociopathic serial killer makes Kasady one of the franchise’s best characters.


Despite the poor critical and box-office performance of Morbius, the internal struggle between Morbius and his vampiric urges makes him a pretty compelling character. Along with this, J-R3M-3698 points out that “I like the horror aspect to it, where Morbius was very monstrous” as the character design builds more intrigue for Morbius.

While his power set may come off as basic compared to other Marvel characters, Morbius is a developed character and definitely shows that he is an opponent worthy of facing off against Spider-Man.

Dr. Martine Bancroft

While she does sometimes fall subject to the typical tropes that come with being a love interest in a superhero film, Dr. Bancroft’s cute quirkiness “catalyzes some of the better character development moments for Morbius” as put by Redditor AmezinSpoderman.

She is not only admired by Morbius but also by fans as she provides motivation for Morbius and also always shows her caring, affectionate attitude toward others. As her character is one of the few highlights in Morbius, Dr. Bancroft is also one of the best characters in the franchise.

Mrs. Chen

Despite being one of the more “normal” characters in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, Mrs. Chen is adored by fans for the way she treats Eddie and Venom with such normalcy and care. She even was the host for Venom for a short period of time and for u/sxeoompaloompa, “Venom as Mrs. Chen was my favorite thing to happen in cinema for a long time.”

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Mrs. Chen never falters in providing emotional support for Venom and Eddie, and as one of the most likable characters in the franchise, Mrs. Chen is a fan favorite.

Eddie Brock

As fans have seen his fall from grace as a promising journalist and his rise to herodom, seeing Eddie Brock at his highs and lows helps the character resonate with audiences. While his methods may be questionable at times, fans have gotten to see Eddie develop into “a remorseful hero who’s set on doing the right thing” as put by Gemidori.

His hero’s journey along with the hilarious banter with Venom has made for one of the best and most hilarious comedy duos along with being one of the best characters in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.


When Venom debuted in 2018 not many were expecting the addition of comedy to the tone of the film, but it has made Venom one of the most-loved superheroes on the big screen today. While Venom’s hilarious quips always get a laugh out of the audience, fans fell in love with the character as he explained his backstory of being a “loser” from his home world.

User MistaJ17  claims that “the Venom symbiote was the perfect combination of brutality and humor,” which is well agreed upon by most fans. Venom is the pillar of the Sony Spider-Man Universe and with the financial success, fans see more of the iconic symbiote.