The 10 best cameos in DC EU history (at the moment), rating


Some of the most beloved and important parts of the DCEU are presented in the form of cameos, but which is actually better?

The DC Extended Universe is about to turn ten years old, and despite the fact that fans and critics have generally received it ambiguously, it successfully presents several outstanding characters and stories from the history of comics. By maintaining a passion for the classics, the DCEU, more importantly, has glorified some of the less popular heroes and franchises.

However, in these epic stories, not every role that impresses is the protagonist or antagonist, and there have been many incredible cameos in eleven films and one TV show. Although these performances were brief, they certainly had a lasting impact.

Julie Andrews — Aquaman

One of the most unexpected and relatively unknown inclusions in DCEU cameos occurred in Aquaman 2018. Hollywood legend Julie Andrews voiced Karaten, a colossal creature who protects the Trident Atlanta in the Hidden Sea until Aquaman comes for him and, in turn, attracts her to his cause.

As an unexpected addition to her extensive resume, it was a big surprise to see her name in the credits, but when viewed again, her distinct timbre can be recognized in the threatening speech of the monster. Although no return has been announced, there is still hope that we will hear Andrews as Karaten again in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Lauren Cohen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan — “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”
Matt Reeve’s Batman presented a unique interpretation of the caped Crusader without showing the tragic murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Zack Snyder took a different approach in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, not only making it an integral part of Bruce’s story, but also establishing a deeper connection between him and Superman.

At the very beginning of the film, we see Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen from The Walking Dead as Thomas and Martha Wayne on that terrible night. It was nice to see these popular actors even for a short time in the DCEU, and fans were hoping that maybe more “Walking Dead” stars would appear soon.

Ezra Miller – Suicide Squad

What is still considered a strange choice by both fans and critics, “Suicide Squad” was chosen as the third installment in the DC extended universe, and this, unfortunately, continued the growing mixed reviews about the franchise. Despite the shaky answer, it was still full of many exciting and entertaining episodes.

In a particularly thrilling montage of Captain Boomerang, Jai Courtney is seen being quickly knocked down by Ezra Miller’s Flash. This entails one line: “No honor among thieves, eh?”— but it’s important to note that Flash was first seen in full costume in the DCEU after his appearance in Batman v Superman, which we’ll talk about soon.

Ben Affleck — “Suicide Squad”

Despite the fact that he appears in several episodes of Suicide Squad, Bruce Wayne/Ben Affleck’s Batman is given a single moment to show sharpness after the credits. In it, he talks to Amanda Waller, and she transmits information about The Flash, Aquaman and the Enchantress, thereby creating the next film, “Justice League” or “Justice League” by Zack Snyder.

However, this cameo role is even more important to demonstrate how different Bruce and Amanda are as leaders —he relies on trust, and she relies on leverage. Of course, she also revealed that she knows he’s Batman, in an unexpected twist, the consequences of which have yet to be explored.

Ezra Miller – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

As mentioned earlier, Ezra Miller’s introduction to the DCEU came with a cameo role in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, along with Jason Mamoa and Ray Fisher. Unlike Mamoa and Fischer, he wasn’t just listed in Lex Luthor’s database. A flash from the dystopian future, known as Nightmer, was able to deliver a message to Bruce through time.

This moment at the beginning of the film sows the seeds for the possible creation of the Justice League and highlights how Lois Lane relates to the future and the fate of the world. However, with recent mode changes in the DCEU and speculation that The Flash will essentially reboot the DCEU, viewers will probably have to wait a long time to see how this cameo actually works out.

Taika Waititi — “Suicide Squad”

After his massive success in Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn did the unexpected again, breathing new life into the DC movie universe with Suicide Squad. He brought together a large ensemble of famous and popular actors to create a story with an emotional foundation, for the lack of which many have criticized the DCEU in the past.

Many consider Daniela Melchior in the role of the Pied Piper II to be the true heart of the film, and this only intensifies during the climax. While she orders Sebastian and his fellow rats to destroy Starro, she revisits a flashback of her father, played by Taika Waititi, in which he conveys the fundamental message that everyone has