The 10 best cameos from the movie “Chip and Dale: Rescuers”


“Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers” suddenly became a hit for both fans of the original series and new viewers. Still having a good 82% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film turned out to be something of a spiritual successor to the beloved Who framed Roger Rabbit.

It’s also unexpected to take your favorite main characters and give their 1989 series a new lease of life. Given that Disney currently owns various assets, the film had an almost unlimited opportunity to add as many characters as desired. This movie didn’t disappoint: a lot of cameos from various TV shows, movies and much more happen so fast that viewers can miss them.

Dark – winged duck

At the end of the animated credits, Darkwing can be seen in a booth booing Rescuers on stage. He shouts: “We need Darkwing!” and “What a bunch of nonsense.”

This is a funny allusion to the Darkwing Duck series, which lasted from 1991 to 1993 after “Chip and Dale: Rescuers” ended in 1990. Similarly, it lasted so long. For old fans of old Disney animated series, this cameo was long-awaited. Now, of course, will Darkwing get a similar attitude to a funny movie years after the finale of his TV show? Who knows? However, viewers who are fans of the vintage show probably laughed at this cameo.

Linda Flynn-Fletcher

Dale leads Chip to the main street, where respectable characters sell contraband. Linda Flynn-Fletcher from Phineas and Ferb sells seemingly innocent cupcakes to a couple of people on Main Street.

This cameo was harmless, but they could have gone a little further with it, given that Linda is the mother of Phineas and Ferb-two boys with a penchant for adventure. Selling cupcakes, you could see them running along the main street with various objects in their hands and trying to create some new invention. Despite this, this face was familiar to twenty-year-old fans of the popular show “Phineas and Ferb”.

Paul Rudd

At the convention, Paul Rudd, the “Ant-Man” actor, explains that his movie was originally supposed to be called “Aunt Man,” and his superpower was to be incredibly charming to aunts. Chip and Dale run through his booth, scaring him.

One of the few notable cameos in this film, the appearance of Paul Rudd was a great sight for fans of the Marvel cinematic universe. The joke Rudd makes is also true, and the animation credits reference it as well. The addition of Rudd to the film shows that the possibilities for cooperation of several Disney franchises are almost limitless in this genre of cinema, and viewers will surely receive an abundant amount of fan service.

Paula Abdul with MC Skat Kat

When Chip, Dale and the rest of the rescue Rangers are at the club, MC Scat Cat plays DJ along with Paula Abdul. MC SKat Kat is a character created for Paula Abdul’s video clip for her song “Opposites Attract”.

It can be concluded that they are promoting the song in the club, since the action takes place at the same time. This is a funny hint about the year, which shows how much effort the creators put into the film to make the construction of the world as authentic as possible.

Randy Marsh

Chip and Dale make their way through the bathhouse trying to steal Sweet Pete’s fitness bracelet. As they make their way, they see Randy Marsh from South Park in a sauna with two animated pigs.

It can be seen how Randy Marsh does not pay much attention to the conversation of the two pigs, trying to relax. After the stress and the kids from South Park, who can blame him? Randy also doesn’t say anything during his cameo, which is probably for the best considering the language used in the show shouldn’t be used in a family movie. However, it’s certainly an interesting choice, especially for South Park fans, to see such a character in a PG-rated movie.

He-Man and Skeletor

He-Man and Skeletor are seen at the convention booth advertising the He-Man and Masters of the Universe show. Hee-man notices when Chip and Dale run underneath them. Skeletor jokes that He-Man doesn’t have pants, and he notices every breeze.

It’s a fun addition considering He-Man and Skeletor remain characters outside of the TV show (as do the rest of the characters in the movie, it seems), and it may have been added to the movie due to the creation of a newer series, Masters of the Universe: Revelations. By hitting two birds with one stone, the inclusion of He-Man and Skeletor in the film promotes a new franchise, as well as giving a nod to older, niche audience members and satisfies their nostalgia.


In pursuit of Chip and Dale, Jimmy the polar bear accidentally grabs Cubby from Peter Pan.