The 10 Best Apex Legends Characters in Season 13


The 13th season of Apex Legends is coming out in May, and it’s time to dive into the best gaming legends in this battle royale game. In the 13th season, also known as “Saviors”, a new character named Newcastle and a new location on the map will appear on the battlefield. Since there are only three legends in the team, it is very important to know which one of them is best to choose.

The rank mode of the 13th season of Apex Legends is still limited to the Storm Point, which is 15% larger than the Edge of the World, the previous record holder for the size of the map. There are many different locations on the map; from jumping from tropical islands to giant mountain peaks, and players need to know the best legends to choose them when they get to the island.


The Bloodhound was one of the first characters when Apex Legends was first released on February 4, 2019, and still remains one of the most important characters on the battlefield. Scanning the Allfather’s Eye in Bloodhound reveals hidden enemies on the map, making it ideal for tracking enemies.

Storm Point is a large map that makes it easier to escape from the enemy; Bloodhound’s passive tracking ability allows the player to guide his team to where the enemies were and in which direction they are moving. The absolute ability of Bloodhound, Beast of the Hunt, allows players to move faster to avoid the closing ring.


With such a diverse selection of characters in Apex, it is necessary to have a character that can be both defensive and offensive. There is no better legend with both of these abilities than Bangalore, who can shoot smoke for cover and whose end result is an artillery strike clearing the local area.

Bangalore’s passive ability is one of the best in all legends, as it runs faster when enemies shoot at it, which is useful in almost every game. When an enemy unit is approaching or shackling the player, there is no better escape plan than to relieve the heat with your artillery strike.


Pathfinder should rightfully be on every list of Apex Legends characters, as he is not only one of the funniest characters, but also one of the most useful in season 13. quick escape from the ring or the enemy team.

Pathfinder is an advanced scout that can scan nearby survey beacons to determine the next location of the ring to help teammates be at the end of the game. This charming intelligent robot is not only deadly fast, but is also the author of some of the most iconic quotes from Apex Legends.


Ghosts can enter the void, which suddenly makes the player invisible and is an ideal tactic for saving lives. Her end result is an interdimensional rift manipulating spacetime and opening a crack in the fabric of reality; this means she can open a blue portal to teleport teammates to a new location.

The Ghost Spatial Rift is perfect for moving defeated teammates during a firefight for a safer respawn, and it’s extremely useful for simply moving around the map in a faster way. The ghost can even hear voices from the void that alert players with a sound queue when players are nearby.


Caustic may have a confusing character design in Apex Legends, but he is extremely powerful thanks to his Nox gas traps and grenades. These yellow, gas-spewing tanks and grenades are deadly to enemies as they both damage them and slow them down.

There are many characters who can build fortifications all over the map, and Caustic is the perfect counterpoint for destroying shelters or campers. Caustic can block doors with his Nox gas traps and protect teammates when trying to pick them back up during a shootout.


Grenades, also known in the game as sacraments, are an integral component of Apex Legend, as they help purify our enemies or kill those already defeated. Fuse is a bombastic explosives expert who can equip twice as many grenades and even throws grenades further than any other character in the game.

Fuse knuckle clusters are a group of mini-bombs that explode in the air like firecrackers that can easily distract or disable enemy units. His ultimate Motherload creates literally a ring of fire that captures his enemy and is ideal for trapping squads in open areas of the map.


Rampart is considered a fantastic legend, as the cover is an integral part of the Apex Legends game and survival in later circles. Rampart can use reinforced cover, which blocks teammates from enemy fire, and also enhances any shooting from the player’s squad.

Rampart’s new and improved ultimate, Shelia, is an improved minigun that she can carry around the map and kill other legends faster than any weapon found on the battlefield.