The 10 best anime villains of 2021 in the ranking


When legendary villain Darth Vader returns to the screen in Obi-Wan Kenobi, it’s only a matter of time before many other antagonists like him return to the pop culture collective. It also includes a huge number of villains from many anime hits.

For example, Sosuke Aizen will make his debut again in the last and final “Bleach” arc, which will be adapted later this year, and Eren from the “Attack of the Titans” arc will come into full force in the last season. So, taking into account last year, the best bad guys from anime proved that they are evil, cute or just dangerous to others.

Floh Forster

In the first part of the last season of Attack of the Titans, Floh Forster became a colder and more nationalistic version of himself. His actions during the invasion of Marley were criminal because of his indiscriminate actions against innocent Marley civilians. His eventual betrayal culminates in his teaming up with Eren and forming the Jaegers to capture Paradis and move forward with Eren’s genocide plans.

What makes Floh Forster an interesting and compelling villain is the direct parallelism he shares with the upper echelon of Marley society. Driven by past aggression against him and his people, he is even willing to make a deal with the “devil” so that the walls of the Parade will be safe from any external threats.


Hanami, a member of the curse gang who wants to upset the balance in the jujutsu society, is a particularly interesting character in the kaisen jujutsu, since their cursed trait is directly related to nature and plant life. A creature that sympathizes with everything that comes from the earth is a particularly powerful curse, because of which Itadori and Todo almost earned their money during one of the most visually impressive fights seen in the anime.

Despite his unique communication skills, Hanami is the most open and kind representative of villainous spirits. Their devotion to the earth and aggression towards man for his desecration, of course, is understandable. These traits make the Khans something more than just another obstacle for magicians, but something they really have to reckon with.


The second season of Demon Slayer has certainly been a success, including increased stakes, dazzling fights and amazing new characters. One of these characters is a demon of the “sixth highest rank”, Ducky, a vain and cruel creature who hides among the Oirans in the Entertainment District.

She and her brother Gyutaro (who appeared the following year) are among the strongest demons in Demon Slayer. However, alone, Ducky was still causing trouble for the main trio as they were hiding in Yoshiwara’s red light district. Her tragic backstory, exceptional beauty and ruthless behavior made her a charming villain, as well as an exact parallel to Nezuko Kamado.


While the greedy witch Re:Zero is snide outwardly polite, charming and with a childish desire for knowledge, it soon becomes clear that this is ultimately a facade. Her attempts to get closer to the main character of the series Subaru, having learned about his ability to “Return from Death” for the sake of collecting information and information for their own purposes, only prove this.

True to her title, Echidna selfishly plans to implement her own plans for her own benefit, no matter what losses it may bring, which makes her one of the most apathetic characters in anime to date. Most of the supporting actors even go so far as to call her black-hearted because of her lack of emotions.

Tetta Kisaki

Kisaki is the perfect example of a villain who wants to become better than the rest, despite the possible consequences. In Tokyo Revengers, he is not the strongest, but he knows how to lead those who are afraid as his main ally. His direct actions affected the causality for the entire series, as he repeatedly killed Hinata in every timeline that rejected him.

Petty, cruel and eager to climb the social ladder, Kisaki embodies a villain who will do anything and repeat it as many times as his desired future becomes possible.

Suguru Geto

Last year Jujutsu Kaisen released her first film, which received positive reviews. Despite the fact that the prequel to the first season did not reach the same heights as Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, it still made an impression on critics. But one thing he had was always the charismatic villain, Suguru Geto.

Without answering all the questions asked, Geto still looks like an alienated archetype of a guru who knows how to control the stage with his presence. In contrast to his “Buddhist” appearance, a genocidal maniac is hiding, who is ready to make his move, but only when the date is right.


The first half of the second season of Demon Slayer is, in fact, a paraphrase of the 2020 film Mugen Train with bonus content.